Joe Rooney, Ali Ryan & Pearse Halpin in Who's for Dinner

#IrishShort: New horror short Who’s for Dinner to screen on RTÉ2 on November 12th

Who’s for Dinner is a new zom com (zombie comedy) starring Joe Rooney (Fr. Ted) alongside Ali Ryan and Pearse Halpin. The short film is set to screen on RTE 2 on Monday, November 12th at 11.50pm and follows heroine Sadie (Ryan) as she tries to outrun zombies Maurice (Halpin) and Declan (Rooney). She finds herself trapped and just the inevitable seems apparent, from her hiding place she observes her two undead pursuers bicker and argue about their lot in life…or afterlife as the case may be.

I had done a few things with Cinetex Films and Colm Sexton but really felt it could be the right time to explore an old fave genre of mine, zombies. But not the George A Romero type, but cultured zombies! I always felt they had got the raw end of the deal. Always shuffling around, moaning and groaning. Had no one ever thought ‘Hang on a second! What if there was more to these morons?’ Maybe there were exceptions to the norm. A few lads who “felt” a bit more than your normal run of the mill zombie type? So in writing the script I wanted to use a well popular well appreciated genre but twist it.

Pearse Halpin, Writer/Actor

I loved the script. I’m a huge fan of Simon Pegg and Shaun of the Dead and I saw big similarities in this zombie parody. Horror movies actually scare me so I try to avoid them as much as possible but I do love horror parodies so this was right up my street.

Ali Ryan

When I played Fr Damo in Father Ted there was an element of being a bit of a ‘lad’ while dressed as a priest and in Who’s for Dinner my character is a bit of a ‘lad’ while looking like a zombie! That’s where the comedy in this comes from I think as he’s just an ordinary bloke who’s become a zombie.

Joe Rooney

Getting Joe Rooney on board was a no brainier. Pun intended! Colm had worked with him before and his whole look and demeanor made him the perfect fit. Ali Ryan? What can I say? We needed a topical, in the moment, up to date, figure on the pulse type person. Well that is Ali! Her background with and her classic blonde bombshell look meant we had to search no further. Our film goes out on RTE 2 Monday, November 12th at 11.50 pm and after that it’ll be up the RTE Player for 30 days on and then for 3 years on the international RTE Player. I’d like to say a big thank you to Seamus Duggan and the all the folks at RTE Shortscreen. It’s a real honor to be featured and the support and exposure is huge for us as independent film makers.

Pearse Halpin

Halpin also utilizes his musician background by featuring the song “My First Day” in the movie which may well be the first example of a member of the walking dead with musical aspirations.

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