The Good Word (2014)

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The Good Word

1950's Rural Ulster. A travelling preacher, a devout farming couple, and a dark secret........or two!

0 h 20 min

Ivan Cutler is a man on a mission - he spreads the good word throughout the town lands of Ireland in the 1950s. But he hides a sinister secret - he has a penchant for murdering those who are kind enough to invite him into their homes. However, when he calls to the rural farmhouse of Ma and Da Taggart, he meets two people who prove more than a match for him.

Director Stuart Graham
Runtime 0 h 20 min
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Starring: Conleth Hill, √öna Kavanagh, Paul Kennedy, Simon Millar

The Good Word is a black comedic horror from director Stuart Grahm, set in 1950’s Northern Ireland.

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