Bomb (2014)

Bomb is a one minute animation from director David O'Reilly produced for Adult Swim.

Crossing Salween (2010)

Crossing Salween is an adventure by director Brian O'Malley, based on the short story by Gary Moore.

Screwback (2004)

Screwback is the debut short from writer/director Brian O'Malley.

Bogman (2011)

Bogman is a mystery drama by writer/director Garret Daly, starring Paul Keating.

The Road of Souls (2011)

The Road of Souls is a drama from writer PJ Curtis, adapted from his own story story, and director Garret Daly.

Just Saying (2012)

Just Saying is a crowd-funded drama from director Dave Tynan, starring Emmet Kirwan.

Jackie Oh! (2014)

Jackie Oh! is a documentary film from Southernman Films and director Patrick O'Shea.

Breathe (2015)

Breathe is a crowd-funded UK/Irish co-produced drama from director James Doherty.

Bye Bye Now (2009)

Bye Bye Now is a documentary from directors Ross Whitaker and Aideen O'Sullivan.