We, the Masses (2011)

We, The Masses is a short animated film based on the artwork of Robyn O'Neil, by writer/director Eoghan Kidney.

Left (2012)

Left is an animated short from writer/director Eamonn O'Neill.

Seed (2015)

Seed is a two-minute animation from Belfast writer/director Ashling Lindsay.

Loose Ends (2013)

Loose Ends is an animated short developed for LateNightWorkClub: Ghost Stories by writer//director Louise Bagnall.

Donkey (2009)

Donkey is an animated short from writer/director Louise Bagnall.

Pockets (2015)

Pockets is a dramatic comedy from writer/director Lochlainn McKenna.

An Irish Father (2015)

An Irish Father is a drama from writer/director Carl Finnegan, starring Gerard McSorley, Eleanor Methven, Carl Finnegan.

Sojourn (2015)

Paddy Slattery's Sojourn is a series of short narrative films starring Tristan Heanue and Nicola MacEvilly.