Rubble (2015)

Rubble is a dramatic thriller from writer/director Stephen Hall.

Time (2015)

Time is an experimental short from writer/director Yvonne McDevitt.

Pedestrian Crossing (2014)

Pedestrian Crossing is a docu-drama by writer/director Colin Murnane, inspired by the Nobel Call delivered at The Abbey Theatre Dublin by Irish drag queen and gay rights campaigner Panti Bliss.

In Pitch Dark (2015)

In Pitch Dark is a thriller from writer/directors Eoghan O'Brien and Gary Sheridan.

Bonsoir Luna (2015)

Bonsoir Luna is an Irish Language musical from writer/director Donncha Gilmore, inspired by the musicals of the great Jacques Demy.

Any Last Words (2014)

Any Last Words is a thriller from writer/director Craig Moore, about desperation, kidnap and revenge set in modern Ireland.

Arabella (2015)

Arabella is a dramatic short by director Richard Scobie, that follows two teenagers grappling with the looming specter of youth suicide in Ireland.

Mirror (2014)

Mirror is a short film about a person looking in the mirror, by director David O'Reilly. Produced for Adult Swim.