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Bye Bye Now

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Bye Bye Now! is an amusing, poignant documentary about the fate of the Irish phone box which has gone from the center of society to the verge of extinction. We Irish are known for the having the gift of the gab. As a nation we love to talk, But until the 1980s most houses in Ireland were without telephones. Until this time, the humble phone box was our chosen method of instant communication. It was at the heart of our lives. Now, however, the phone box is on the way out. First came the house phones, then the e-mails, then cell phones and texts - evolving technology which led the way for the demise of the phone box. This short documentary intertwines wonderful anecdotes with the warmest of characters as they recount their memories of the small concrete structure that was so important in rural Ireland Bye Bye Now! is a bitter sweet tribute to the phone box, a historical document and a barometer of how much we've changed with the times.

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Bye Bye Now is a documentary from directors Ross Whitaker and Aideen O’Sullivan.

Winner: Best Documentary – Humboldt International Film Festival 2009
Winner: Audience Award, Best Short – Cork International Film Festival 2009
Winner: Jury Prize, Best Short – Bend Film Festival 2010
Winner: Jury Award, Best Short Documentary – Dallas Video Festival 2010
Winner: Audience Award, Best Short – Silverdocs Documentary Festival 2010
Winner: Best Documentary Short – Nashville Film Festival 2011
Second Place: Best Short Documentary – Kerry Film Festival 2009

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