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#IrishFilmOnTV: Brian Deane’s Volkswagen Joe airs on RT√â1 tonight at 11.35pm

Brian Deane’s Volkswagen Joe gets its¬†long anticipated network TV premiere tonight at 11.35pm on RT√â1. We consider this film to be one of the finest shorts produced in Ireland in recent years, so cannot recommend it high enough.

Northern Ireland 1981 – faced with an impossible decision a conflicted mechanic living in a border town will be forced to make a decision that will change his life forever. In a time of social upheaval, mistrust and religious division everyone must pick a side.


The film stars Stuart Graham (The Fall, Hunger, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) as well as John Delaney, Janet Moran, Matthew O’Brien, Paddy Rocks, and Helen Roche.

Commenting on the film director Brian Deane said:

The film explores the polarising of people and communities during “The Troubles” It was really important for us to make a film that offered a balanced view of the conflict without casting judgement on either side. The film is an adaption of an award winning play written by well known Cavan playwright Brendan McCann.

The project was made possible by a peace and reconciliation fund called PEACE III with support from the Belturbet Drama Society. The goal of the project was always to further develop the relationship between the two political and religious communities North and South of the border. As part of our filmmaking journey we shot, cast and crewed up with amazing industry professionals and local people from both sides of the border.

We are really proud of this film and the fact that it has already brought people together.

Volkswagen Joe was on the 2016 Oscars long list for Best Short Live Action film, and  has screened around the world winning universal acclaim and 9 International Awards.

GearrScannain is not alone in our praise for the film. Academy Award nominated director Lenny Abrahamson is also a fan:

I have to congratulate [Brian] on a really excellent film. It’s done with no little panache, very well controlled, tense and affecting. All very unusual traits for a short film.

Volkswagen Joe - Festival Poster

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