Niall Tóibín
Niall Tóibín in Remains

#IrishFilm: Niall Tóibín in Ian Campbell’s new Irish short about love and loss, Remains

Legendary Irish actor Niall Tóibín came out of retirement to play a role opposite one of his daughters, Muireann Tóibín, in Remains, a new Irish short that has just been completed. His illustrious career spans 50 years in film and television, including Ryan’s Daughter, Far and AwayBracken, The Ballroom of RomanceThe Irish RM, and Ballykissangel.

When I sent him the script I didn’t expect him to say yes. It was a real thrill for everyone involved – cast and crew – to see him work up close and breathe life into a character that was written for him. Ian Campbell, Writer/Director

Remains is a powerful drama that tells the story of an American businessman who arrives in Ireland with the ashes of his parents. Using his mother’s diary as a guide, the American retraces their steps in the weeks when they fell in love, meeting local characters who do little to help his increasingly fragile state of mind.

Left to right: Patrick Dunne, Tim Casey and Nigel McGuinness
Left to right: Patrick Dunne, Tim Casey and Nigel McGuinness

Patrick Dunne plays the role of the uptight American. He’s worked with Ian Campbell on other shorts, including Nothing Nowhere, which won the Best Foreign Film award in the 2011 Action/Cut Short Film Competition in the US.

Remains was shot on location in Bray and Greystones, County Wicklow, and is a co-production between RGI Films and Mediacraft. The film is being submitted to short film competitions in Ireland and abroad.

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