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#IrishFilm: Successful teams announced for new Irish Film Board short film scheme, Real Shorts

Bord Scannán na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board has announced the successful teams for Real Shorts, a new short documentary film scheme which enables creative documentaries with high cinematic production values to reach an international audience through theatrical and festival exposure.

The filmmakers were encouraged to produce works of up to 10 minutes in length, with strong personal voices, presenting material which utilises the emotional and aesthetic technique of cinema.

From a number of submissions of a very high standard, the following five projects were chosen:

Mother and Baby to be written and directed by Mia Mullarkey and produced by Alice McDowell; a documentary which McDowell states, “looks at the Tuam Mother & Baby Home where 796 children were allegedly buried without ceremony or grave”, noting that “the film delves into details, memories, and perspectives of three past residents interwoven with the powerful story of one woman whose personal history pushed her to fight for 796 lost voices.”

Hey Ronnie Reagan to be written and directed by Maurice O’Brien and produced by Daniel Hegarty, described as “an ode to local legends and the day the most powerful man in the world came all the way to Tipperary.”

Bordalo II : A Life Of Waste to be written and directed by Trevor Whelan and Rua Meegan and produced by Glen Collins. Meegan describes the documentary as ‚Äúa portrait of artist and activist Artur Bordalo, through which we gain an insight into his inspiration, motivation and creative process as he assembles his ‚ÄòTrash Animal‚Äô sculptures in prominent urban locations around the world‚Äù, adding that ‚ÄúBordalo creates these towering installations of endangered species from a city‚Äôs own trash to illustrate the victims of humanity’s disposable habits.‚Äù

The Swimmer to be written and directed by Thomas Beug and produced by Jessica Bermingham, whereby according to Beug, the ‚Äúworld-renowned Irish endurance swimmer, Stephen Redmond, serves as the entry point into this deeper exploration of ocean-swimming and man’s relationship with the sea.‚Äù

Smithy & Dicky-boy to be written and directed by Hannah Quinn and produced by Michela Orlandi. Quinn explains the premise behind the documentary, calling it ‚Äúan ode to precious memories from love letters and photographs, and their potential obsolescence, now that we’re in the digital age.‚Äù

This scheme is funded by Bord Scannán na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board and the films will premiere in 2017.

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