#IrishFilm: Annika Cassidy’s short film, PEEL, wraps in Dublin

Principal photography has just finished in Dublin on Annika Cassidy’s debut short film, PEEL.

PEEL aims to be a raw, powerful short film that captures the painful effects of alcoholism on a family, as witnessed through the eyes of those who pick up the pieces. It will be one a just a few Irish films that focus solely on a topic that unfortunately, far too many people will relate to.

The short features emerging talent Lauryn Canny (A Thousand Times Goodnight) as Olivia, the daughter of an alcoholic mother. The film centres on her as she comes home to find her mother, played by Ally Ni Chiaran (My Name is Emily), motionless on the couch.


PEEL aims to show the heartache of a person struggling with a family member going through addiction, but also the inner strength that is often built from such hardship and struggle. It also aims to show the control that alcohol can have on a person and how often, it is the accidental victim who assumes responsibility for the failure of those so close to them.

The short features cinematography from ADIFF 2017 Rising Star nominee Eimear Ennis Graham (Lily, Cold), and is currently in post-production being edited by Colin Campbell (The Young Offenders, You’re Ugly Too).

PEEL should be a shocking, eye-opening and relevant experience, that allows audiences to bear witness to some of the ugliest, most heart-breaking and everyday portions of addiction. Director Annika Cassidy hopes that it will be one of the most powerful short films you will ever see.

For more information see the film’s Facebook page.

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