The McGregor Effect

#Watch: Collider Films’ short documentary The McGregor Effect

August 26th the world will be watching the McGregor vs Mayweather fight and with that in mind Collider Films have released their 25-minute documentary on Youtube. The McGregor Effect is based on 8 individual stories all of which have been inspired by McGregor’s meteoric rise to worldwide fame and true belief in what he does and drive to succeed.


The 8 stories are from


Subset are a multidisciplinary artist collective with interests ranging from art, music and film to advertising and marketing.  They want to push forward culture in Ireland and attract creatives from other countries.

Subset first heard about Conor when he was about to fight Diego Brando. They decided to make a mural dedicated to McGregor, which Conor shared and from this they began to catch peoples attention. Conor inspires them because he does what he wants when he wants and doesn’t listen to anybody telling him he can’t do it.  Subset painted the mural of Conor knocking out Mayweather to help him visualize his victory.

Lisa Maloney

Lisa Maloney is a 21 year old world champion kick boxer from Tipperary Town.The determination and dedication of Conor McGregor and Katie Taylor to their sports inspired Lisa to get into competing. She started kickboxing at the age of 15/16.

Joey Prendergast

Joey is the founder of Hampton’s floor store. He uses loud, brash billboards sometimes featuring Conor McGregor to advertise his business and push his brand. His goal is to ultimately take over the flooring business.The first time Joey used Conor in their ads was when Jose Aldo pulled out of their fight. Joey put up a billboard of McGregor thinking of Aldo, saying “Hampton’s floor store, we never pull out.” They had to take it down, but got the attention they wanted and went again after McGregor knocked out Aldo in 13 seconds. This time Joey took a photo of Aldo asleep on the floor on his phone, and put up a billboard of Aldo unconscious saying, “You don’t need a Brazilian to get laid.” It went viral, with Conan O’Brien interviewing McGregor about it.

Niall O’Loughlin

Niall O’Loughlin is Ireland’s leading charicature artist with a background in animation. Niall, although not a fan of UFC himself, is a big fan of McGregor. He loves his personality, and how McGregor is almost like a charicature of himself. His first McGregor cartoon was of Conor McGregor’s son talking back to Conor after being told to go to his room. ting . He drew another cartoon of Conor on top of the Empire state building, King Kong King Conor style, being attacked by planes and Conor jeering them saying you’ll do nothing. Niall painted a portrait of Conor roaring after winning a fight, and had it hung in a gallery in Dublin.


Conor Dunne is a part of Brewtonic, an independent brewing company who brewed a beer called 13 Seconds in honor of Conor McGregor’s victory over Jose Aldo and again when he fought Nate Diaz.

Sinead Denny

Sinead Denny is a full time athlete competing for Ireland in the women’s 400metre and 4x400metre relay. Her goal is to get to the Olympics in Tokyo 2020.

Adrian Copeland

Adrian is the joint managing director of Louis Copeland & Sons along with his brother Louis, a bespoke tailors that have shops around Ireland. They have dressed many famous stars over the last few years, including Tom Jones, Pierce Brosnan and Conor McGregor. Adrian first met Conor a few years ago when they were judging a best-dressed competition in a nightclub in Galway. The first time they dressed Conor when Conor wanted a suit for his first appearance on The Late Late show.  Adrian believes Conor is solely responsible for a renaissance in bespoke tailoring. 9 out of 10 young guys who come in mention Conor as the inspiration for how they want to look, and Adrian compares Conor’s influence on the younger generation to that of George Best at the turn of the century

Thomas Nolan

Thomas is a 23-year-old personal trainer from Dublin 2 who is one of Conor McGregor’s biggest fans. Growing up, he was overweight and bullied, which eventually led to him becoming depressed. He lost his cousin who was like an older brother to him during this time, and didn’t cope with it well, feeling completely alone .Thomas went to see his hero, Conor McGregor, fight Jose Aldo in Vegas. Being McGregor’s number one fan with a signed jersey to prove it, when Thomas saw McGregor knock Aldo out in 13 seconds it changed his life. He joined a gym when he returned to Dublin, and despite having a panic attack and leaving during his first session, he didn’t give up. He listened to Conor as he ran on the treadmill to motivate him.  Not long after this, Thomas was at a family party for his Aunt’s 50th when Conor McGregor walked in. Thomas got to speak to Conor and tell him his story. Conor shared Thomas’ story online, and now Thomas has people from all over the world contacting him to share their stories and tell him how he inspired them.

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