poster for clown film

“Clown” short by Chiara Viale now online

Clown is short film by Built to Fail Productions, written and directed by Chiara Viale . Viale recently won The Spirit of Indie Cork for her feature The New Music which had its world premiere at the festival in October. She is also wrote and directed Be Frank (2017) and her latest short The Plait is currently in post-production.

A clown ( chillingly portrayed by Paul Cullen) gets ready for a sinister performance and takes us on a journey through the darkest corners of his mind. Its important to note that Clown was shot in 2017 so long before Todd Philips’ Joker made its appearance!

Cinematography by Alexandra Vetter

Edited by Alexandra Vetter

Sound by Shane Quinn & Tom Lenihan

Colour/Sound Mix by Philip Kidd

Make-Up by Fabiana Saselle

Starring: Paul Cullen, Bríd Flood, Jake O’Loughlin, Bárbara Soares, Vito Morano, Cilléin Mc Evoy

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