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#IrishShorts: IFI to host second Irish short showcase Brief Encounters on August 28th

The Irish Film Institute recently implemented a new strand called Brief Encounters, which showcases the best of new Irish short filmmaking. Their second programme takes place on Tuesday, August 28th at 6.30pm.

This month’s selection, under the heading of New Irish Fiction, contains new films from Claire Dix, Steve Kenny, Michael Lennox, Leon Kavanagh, Johnny Kelly,  and Benjamin Cleary and TJ O’Grady Peyton.

The programme runs for 71 mins in total. Tickets are available now.

Time Traveller (Steve Kenny, 2017)

The new film by writer-director Steve Kenny sees a Back To The Future-obsessed Traveller boy striving to finish his own DeLorean replica before his family are evicted from their halting site.

Fern (Johnny Kelly, 2018)

An unlikely relationship develops between a lonely woman and a potted plant in this light-hearted comedy concealing sombre undertones.

Behind Cars (Leon Kavanagh, 2018)

A multi-storey car park attendant takes us through his typical working day. Award winning writer-director Leon Kavanagh blurs the lines between actuality and staged fiction in this piquant mockumentary.

Here’s Looking at You, Kid! (Michael Lennox, 2018)

11-year-old Hubert deals with a recent tragedy the only way he knows how – by assuming the role of private eye detective. The latest short from BAFTA-winning and Oscar-nominated filmmaker, Michael Lennox.

Wave (Benjamin Cleary, TJ O’Grady Peyton, 2017)

The latest film from Oscar-winning filmmaker Benjamin Cleary and actor-filmmaker TJ O’Grady Peyton tells the story of a young man who wakes from a coma speaking a fully formed but unrecognisable language.

Take Me Swimming (Claire Dix, 2017)

Take Me Swimming

A son must overcome his own conflicted feelings and honour his father’s intentions to keep his mother alive, despite her expressed wish to the contrary. The latest short film from award-winning filmmaker Claire Dix, with a sterling performance from Olwen Fouéré.

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