Bertie Brosnan directing Sean McGillicuddy

#IrishAbroad: Kerry filmmaker Bertie Brosnan secures international deal for two short films

Two short films by Kerry filmmaker Bertie Brosnan, Sineater and Jacob Wrestling With The Angel, have been picked up by the international shorts network Shorts TV in a non-exclusive deal brokered by US distribution outfit Bidslate.

Brosnan’s films have been selected at international film festivals and markets such as the Cork Film Festival, Fastnet Film Festival, Kerry Film Festival, Hollywood North Film Festival, and the Clones Film Festival. His films received numerous nominations at these festivals, winning a Cinematography Award for Sineater at the Limerick Film Festival.

Sineater is the story of a young successful man who is forced into looking at his wrongdoings by a mysterious Driver who claims to be a family friend. It stars Joe Mullins (Gridlock, Pilgrim Hill, Property of the State) and Sean McGillicuddy (South, Beyond the Woods).


Jacob Wrestling With The Angel is a dark peek into a young unhinged artist’s struggle between finishing his masterpiece and a dangerous obsession with a mysterious woman. It stars Michael O’ Sullivan (Con, Remembering Yesterday) and Amy Hughes (Vikings, Kubrick by Candlelight).

Both films were shot by Blaine Rennicks (Smoking Guns, Delerium).

It’s been a long journey from the production of Jacob Wrestling With The Angel and Sineater to this moment to finally see my first short films distributed through a legitimate network. I am delighted for all involed because we have a chance to showcase all our work to the world. Being a non-exclusive deal I am open to shoppping the films around to other networks and through pay-per-view sites. Thanks to everyone involved especially Roland of Bidslate for making sure we got the deal done.
Bertie Brosnan, Writer/Director

Brosnan won the Cork City Arts Bursary for films in 2016, from which he produced two more short films titled Last Service and Forgotten Paradise. Currently, he has a feature film Con awaiting online distribution towards the end of the year.

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