Check out the SF48 filmmaking challenge

Here’s a great sounding competition. A true challenge for filmmakers, who should they accept it, will have 48 hours to write, produce, shoot and deliver a film. It’s called SF48.


The competition is open to filmmakers across the globe and and includes on the jury James Mullighan of the Cork Film Festival. Other jurors are Jeremy Boxer (Vimeo), Vida Toombs (Vice), Elliot Grove (Raindance Film Festival), Matthew Evans (Director), Paddy Bird (Editor), Steve Hunt (Abundant), and Paul Higginson (20th Century Fox).

The 2015 prize package is designed to nurture and develop the technical and creative skills of filmmakers. These are listed below, but the main one for the winner (from an Irish perspective) is a Cork Film Festival Pass and a screening at the festival.

Anyone over the age of 16 can enter. All participants must register on the SF48 website, and make a voluntary donation (of £5, £10, or £25) to the Ginger Army Charity campaign.

The SF48 2015 film brief will be revealed at 6pm on Friday 12th June. The finished films must be uploaded to the SF48 Vimeo Channel by 6pm Sunday 14th June.

All films will be viewable by the public for 2 weeks. The six films with the highest views will go through to be judged by the Grand Jury, who will pick the Grand Jury Winner. The one with the highest votes will be the Audience Choice Winner.

For more information check out the SF48 website.


  • Arri Amira / Alexa¬†weekend hire from Cruet. ‚Äì Worth ¬†¬£3660.00 (Amira) ‚Äì ¬£3910.00 (Alexa)
  • Vimeo Pro Annual Membership (worth ¬£133)
  • Soho Editors 3 day 101 course (worth ¬£645 + vat)
  • Inside The Edit Annual subscription (worth ¬£399 + vat)
  • Music Bed Music Licenses ($500 worth)
  • Cork Film Festival pass,
  • plus SF48 2015 winner screened and entered into Cork Film Festival.
  • Raindance Film Festival Vouchers
  • Producers Forum Annual Membership &
    3 x 1 hour professional development mentoring meetings with Pip Piper (CEO of PF)
  • Color Finale Software package (worth ¬£100)
  • 2 days with Marshmallow Laser Feast on location filming in the Lake District.
  • 4 x Shooting People Annual Memberships (Worth ¬£25 each)
  • 2 x copies of DigiEffects software (worth $299 each)
  • Glass engraved SF48 2015 Grand Jury Award
  • 20 L polypin of Hobsons Best


  • Vimeo Pro Membership (worth ¬£133)
  • 4 x Producers Forum Annual Memberships (worth ¬£25 each)
  • 2 x Shooting People Memberships (worth ¬£25 each)
  • Music Bed Licenses ($250 worth)
  • 2 x copies of DigiEffects software (worth $299 each)
  • ‚ÄúFind funding for your short film‚Äù ‚Äì 1 hour consultation + online support. 1-on-1 advice and guidance from the CEO and founder of an award-winning media charity (Rural Media Comnpany) Nic Millington
  • ‚ÄúFilm Clinic‚Äù ‚Äì 3 x 1 hour consultation + online support. 1-on-1 advice and guidance from Creative Producer (Rural Media Company) Nathan William
  • Glass engraved SF48 2015 Audience Choice Award
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