There’s a new short film in the works called Waiting For Tom, co-produced by and starring Fair City‘s Clelia Murphy.

Written by Jennifer Davidson (Fair City, Seomra a Sé) and directed by Ruth O’Looney (The Dealers, Tracks and Trails) Waiting For Tom is a bitter sweet road trip across Ireland, telling the story of a mother and daughter on a journey to find Big Tom and try and salvage their own relationship. It’s the story about growing older, and growing up. Above all, it’s the story of two very headstrong women and the ties that bind.

Billie Traynor (I Am Jesus) joins Clelia on screen, playing the role of Maura. Director of Photography on the film was Christian O’Brien while location sound recording was overseen by Peter Nicell. The film was edited by Shane Callan, with music coming courtesy of The Sunday School Sessions.

Waiting For Tom is currently finishing post-production in High Wire, with Emer Sands of Avenue 33 providing the sound mix.

[quote title=”Clelia Murphy”]This project was such an easy ask ‚Äì Jennifer‚Äôs script illuminated beautifully and simply the complexities of this mother/daughter relationship; playing opposite the wonderful Billie Traynor was a complete treat for me. With Ruth‚Äôs insightful and confident direction we always felt secure on the road on which we were all travelling together ‚Äì and this was complimented with a superb crew.[/quote]

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