The Gurney

#IrishFilm: Now Funding Glenn Whelan’s short drama The Gurney

Currently funding on IndiegogoThe Gurney is short personal drama, directed by Glenn Whelan, produced by Darrel-Kirk Lambert, and written by Rachel Traynor.

The Gurney tells the story of execution warden, Albert Gilmore, and death row inmate Aleisha Edwards, a young black woman convicted of the murder of the officer who fatally shot her husband. The film focuses on the pair’s relationship and the effects the imminent execution, and the circumstances surrounding it has on both Aleisha and Albert.

In America today, a black American is 2.5 times more likely to be shot by an officer than a white American, an unarmed black American is 5 times more like to be shot than an unarmed white American, and, in 2015 alone, black men, who make up only 6% of the American population, accounted for 40% of unarmed police shootings. I find these statistics horrifying. Something like this is only allowed to happen when people ignore it, push it to the back of their minds. This is a hugely important story and we need everyone’s help to tell it.
Glenn Whelan, Director

The Gurney team is delighted to have cast rising star Tamara Lawrance in the role of Aleisha. This year, Tamara starred in the BBC Film King Charles III, as well as the National Theatre’s adaption of Twelfth Night with Tamsin Greig. In 2016, Tamara starred in Unreachable at the Royal Court alongside Matt Smith, with the Hollywood Reporter claiming: “All six cast members do good work, but Tamara Lawrance deserves special mention as the film’s female lead Natasha. A recent RADA graduate, Lawrance is required to switch fluidly among different accents and emotional registers, with the most weighty dramatic monologues resting on her young shoulders. Bigger, brighter roles will surely follow.”

The film will be shot in July and the film’s producer is looking to raise £5,000 to cover equipment rental, location costs and additional production and post-production costs.

Find out more about The Gurney, and contribute if you can, at IndieGoGo

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