Now Funding: The Clockmaker’s Dream

Currently funding on IndieGoGo is The Clockmaker’s Dream, a short film that is a tale from a mechanical world, from writer/director Cashell Horgan.

The Clockmaker’s Dream¬†is set in a fictional world, home to the most unusual collection of automatas created; there lives a clockmaker with his beloved wife. Every second of his day is dedicated to making sure every mechanical instrument in the town functions properly. That is until the day his wife dies. Crazed with despair, the clockmaker attempts to replace his lost love by building ‘the perfect woman’. His passion consumes him as each doll he builds leads to failure. With pressure on him to complete his task before time runs out, he soon realises that the key to the perfect woman is in her heart not her head.

Limerick actor Joe Mullins takes on the role of the Clockmaker. Joe is best known for his role in the IFTA award winning film, Pilgrim Hill by director Gerard Barrett, as well as Barrett’s follow-up Glassland. The rest of the cast Jennifer Meade, Conor O’Brien, David Collins, Johanna O’Brien, Lucy Dawson, Rebecca Ballinger, Megan Cleary, Eleanor O’Brien, Tara Wray, Jenny Loughman, Paul Fitzgerald, and Josh Hullinger.

Horgan has an impressive track record, including his production Paddy (2000) which was short listed for Oscar nomination in 2001 and has 5 awards to it’s credit. His first film, Adeste Fideles (1991) was awarded the James Horgan Prize for best animation at the Galway Film Fleadh. He has taught animation and film at the European School of Animation and National Film television School Ireland. Director of photography Mark Waldron has an impressive body of work including TV dramas and series for BBC and RTE.

The Clockmaker’s Dream was awarded funding of ‚Ǩ15,000 by Limerick City of Culture in partnership with Behind the Scenes. Having completed principal photography the film is now seeking funding to complete the special effects, compositing, sound design, music mix, grading, and distribution costs. The film is also seeking assistance from FX artists, 3d animators, or after-effects compositors.

More information on¬†The Clockmaker’s Dream can be found on the IndieGoGo page and Facebook.


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