The Siege of Bóthar Anam

#InDevelopment: Marcus Maher’s new Irish short The Siege of Bóthar Anam takes shape

Pre-production has begun on a new Irish short film, The Siege of Bóthar Anam. Set on a fictional street in Ireland, a small community of men on the edge of society must unite and fight back against NAMA and the repossession of their home, in this short drama.

The crew includes cinematographer Colm Mullen (I Used to Live Here, Five Voices), producer Fiona kelly (Corner Boys, Lucinda Sly), associate Producer Kamila Dydyna (Testimony, The Betrayal) and the film debut of writer/director Marcus Maher (Las Casas, Walton Lock).

The inspiration for The Siege of Bóthar Anam came in the mid 90’s, while director Marcus Maher was living in a Liverpool bedsit. He lived alongside six men of varying ages, four of which were Irishmen named John. All they had was each other to rely on against the local authorities who wanted them out.

This experience laid out the basis for the story but it was not until the recent financial crisis that The Siege of Bóthar Anam started to take shape.

Our intention at Triskellion Films is to tell the human story of struggle and defiance, that many still face in our current economic climate. We hope to put a spotlight on the Government’s handling of the housing crisis and their shameful neglect in dealing with thousands of families who have been sold short.
Marcus Maher, Director

The Siege of Bóthar Anam is currently in pre-production, and marks the first production from Triskellion Films.

Follow the production on Facebook and Twitter for more information and opportunities to get involved.

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