Now Funding: Live Psychic

Currently funding on FundIt is Live Psychic, the debut short from writer/directors Conor English and Calvin Doyle.

Fuelled by a dreamy atmosphere, surrealist imagery and dark Irish humour, the film is a mystery thriller, that follows the path of a psychic in a small Midlands town in Ireland, comforting and consulting those in need of her guidance. Her dream like visions soon turn to nightmares as they uncover a harsh reality.

Having secured veteran Irish actress Mary McEvoy for the lead role, the film has already received backing from both the Westmeath County Council & the Westmeath Arts Office. It has also secured the support of the Chimera Gallery in Mullingar for the production and screening of the finished film.

The production is looking for €2,500 to help post-production costs, including editing, visual effects, grading, festival fees, marketing, and printing.

For more information check out the FundIt page, Facebook, or Tumblr.



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