Little Devil

#NowFunding: John Andrew O’Rourke‚Äôs short film on Autism, Little Devil

Currently funding on GoFundMe is John Andrew O’Rourke‚Äôs second short film Little Devil, about a teenager with Autism who embarks on a journey.

The film follows Ritchie (Jack Brocklebank), as he travels from Dublin to Athlone so that he can deliver an item to his dying Grandmother. His brother Finbar and their Mother Jennifer fear the worst and try to contact Ritchie who chooses to play a game on his phone instead of answering it. Finbar’s company van has broken down, Ritchie has disappeared and Jennifer resorts to drinking while Gran is counting her final minutes.

Director O’Rourke‚Äôs first short, Battle Scars, won Best Drama at the Royal Television Society Awards earlier this year. He has assembled a crew of 21 with a range of experiences to help him out on this short.

Speaking on the project the director said:

I have a genuine passion for filmmaking and would truly love to get back on set and to tell this particular story. I myself was diagnosed with Autism (ASD) in 2014. It my belief that this short film will help people to have a better understanding of Autism and I will bring a realistic representation to the screen through the talent of the young actor who plays Ritchie, Jack Brocklebank.

Visit the GoFundMe page to make a donation and learn more about the film.

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