#NowFunding: Guard, a new Irish female-led short set in Belfast

Now funding on IndieGoGo is Guard, a new Irish short boxing drama written by and starring The Fall’s Bronagh Taggart.

Guard, which is slated to start filming early in the¬†new year, tells the story of Katie, a young woman who wants to be able to handle herself, should she ever need to. Living alone in the house she grew up in, she makes a point of staying fit and strong, but her routine is disrupted when her¬†dad lands back home after fifteen years inside. Surprised by his estranged daughter’s new obsession, Kieran feels he finally has something to teach her, and initiates Katie into his old world: boxing. In the ring she takes the punches and tries to learn from her father, but getting Katie to drop her guard outside the ring will be Kieran’s toughest battle yet.

The film boasts an award-winning team, including BAFTA winner Michael Lennox, who was nominated for an Oscar for his short film Boogaloo and Graham in 2015. Lennox will produce, while multiple Emmy-award winner Robert Sterne - credited with finding lead actors for hits such as Game of Thrones and Wolf Hall Рwill cast the short. Former The Voice contestant Leah McFall will provide music.

The film will be directed by¬†Taggart‚Äôs husband,¬†Belfast actor Jonathan Harden, who is¬†currently filming Stephen¬†Frears‚Äô¬†Victoria & Abdul, opposite Judi¬†Dench. Although, his acting CV boasts credits with¬†Ralph Fiennes,¬†David¬†Oyelowo,¬†Kristin Scott Thomas,¬†and‚ÄØDerek Jacobi, directing¬†Guard¬†will be his¬†first time behind the camera. For that reason, and because Taggart‚Äôs script didn‚Äôt need any further development,¬†they’re not¬†currently¬†eligible for funding from¬†the Northern Irish film funding agency, NI Screen.

On the decision to fundraise online, Harden commented:

We’re not in a position to fund it ourselves¬†and neither¬†Bronagh¬†nor I have‚ÄØany‚ÄØwealthy friends or relatives. What we do have‚ÄØis a great script and a great team, who are all working for free because they believe in the quality and value of the project.¬†We‚Äôre hoping people see how exciting¬†this¬†is and help us make it happen‚Äù

The team are also pledging 5% of the total amount raised to Womens Aid NI - the lead voluntary organisation in Northern Ireland addressing domestic and sexual violence and providing services for women and children.

The campaign to find the money to make Guard is now live on IndieGoGo. It has already raised almost 40% of the final target in just 24hrs, but still has a way to go. For more info, or to back the film, visit


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