Rubble (2015)

Rubble is a dramatic thriller from writer/director Stephen Hall.

In Pitch Dark (2015)

In Pitch Dark is a thriller from writer/directors Eoghan O'Brien and Gary Sheridan.

Any Last Words (2014)

Any Last Words is a thriller from writer/director Craig Moore, about desperation, kidnap and revenge set in modern Ireland.

Screwback (2004)

Screwback is the debut short from writer/director Brian O'Malley.

Gun Down

Gun Down is a thriller by Nigel O'Brien and Martin Cassidy, starring Philip P Coffey and Kenny Gaughan.

The Deep Web (2014)

The Deep Web is a thriller from writer/director Stephen Gaffney, starring George Bracebridge, Erica Keegan, and Megan O'Reilly.