Contact (2015)

Contact is a social drama, written and starring Joe Lynch, and directed by Stephen Brady. The film is produced by Driftwood Doll Films.


Dealer is a drama from director Sean Creagh set in the Dublin drug scene.

Dog Tag (2015)

Dog Tag is a drama from director Cédric Maruani and Limitless Productions, about an Irish soldier suffering from PTSD.

Justlikeabitch (2014)

Jukelikeabitch is a comedic drama from writer/director Ruaidhri Conroy, about a man who has nothing and loses it all.

Park Life (2015)

Park Life is drama from director Jason Shalloe, about a random encounter in a park.

Spacer (2015)

Spacer is a comedic drama from director Jeda de Brí about friendship, homelessness and loneliness on the streets of Dublin.

Rubble (2015)

Rubble is a dramatic thriller from writer/director Stephen Hall.

Pedestrian Crossing (2014)

Pedestrian Crossing is a docu-drama by writer/director Colin Murnane, inspired by the Nobel Call delivered at The Abbey Theatre Dublin by Irish drag queen and gay rights campaigner Panti Bliss.