Pedestrian Crossing (2014)

Pedestrian Crossing is a docu-drama by writer/director Colin Murnane, inspired by the Nobel Call delivered at The Abbey Theatre Dublin by Irish drag queen and gay rights campaigner Panti Bliss.

Jackie Oh! (2014)

Jackie Oh! is a documentary film from Southernman Films and director Patrick O'Shea.

Bye Bye Now (2009)

Bye Bye Now is a documentary from directors Ross Whitaker and Aideen O'Sullivan.

Displaced (2015)

Displaced is a documentary from director Niamh Heery, made under the Irish Film Board’s Reality Bites Scheme.

Yeats Country (1965)

Government-sponsored lyrical documentary which uses the landscape of Sligo to present the poetry of William Butler Yeats as it evokes the mystical past of the landscape.