Justlikeabitch (2014)

Jukelikeabitch is a comedic drama from writer/director Ruaidhri Conroy, about a man who has nothing and loses it all.

Spacer (2015)

Spacer is a comedic drama from director Jeda de Brí about friendship, homelessness and loneliness on the streets of Dublin.

The Good Word (2014)

The Good Word is a black comedic horror from director Stuart Grahm, set in 1950's Northern Ireland.

Pockets (2015)

Pockets is a dramatic comedy from writer/director Lochlainn McKenna.

My Bonnie (2015)

My Bonnie is the debut comedic drama from writer/director Hannah Quinn, based on the play Sanctuary by Liz Quinn.

Follies of Youth (2015)

Follies of Youth is a comedy directed by Brazilian filmmaker Melina Curi and written by Irish writer Aisling Corristine, with US writer Alex Whitmer.
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Boogaloo and Graham (2014)

Boogaloo and Graham is the Academy Award nominated comedic drama from director Michael Lennox, starring Charlene McKenna, Martin McCann, and Jonathan Harden.