Festival: 9th Waterford Film Festival announces packed line-up, Nov 6-8

The Waterford Film Festival this year celebrates its 9th year, running November 6th to 8th in the south-eastern city. For a second year in a row Garter Lane Arts Centre play be host to the festival, with all films will be screened on a full cinema screen with Dolby Surround Sound.

This year organisers have added on a 5th short film programme, meaning that they will be screening over 40 films during the weekend. These 40 films include a fantastic mix of Irish and international shorts,from first time filmmakers to those more experienced in the format.The selection includes all genres,from comedies, dramas, horrors, and thrillers, to documentaries.

One of the things that makes the Waterford Film Festival unique is the Screenplay Competition. This year that competition features 14 screenplays: Rock the Boat by Dominic Palmer, Crossing the Line by Jamie Colclough, Not a Sound by Matt Richards, Misery Memoir by Tim Hanan, Lacewig byDavid Keane, Kathleen by John Morton, Carpe Diem by Rory Harrington, Six Pack & Crack byRita Marie Lawlor, Heartland by Niall Byrne, Hum by Mark Dollard, Thug by Anthony Assad, A Medical Conundrum by David Keeling, The Usurper of Forms by Raisea De Murch√∫, Animals by Brian MacEvilly.

‚ÄãFor more information visit the festival website. To book tickets go to the Garter Lane website.

Short Programme 1- Friday 6th November 8pm
1. Barty Carty
A school principal conducts trials for the school chess team.
2. In Ribbons
Little Laurie is abandoned to a place of fear.
3. Same Old Song & Dance
An animated look at an old fashioned relationship
4. The Trouble with Aoibhe
In 1987, a well-meaning young woman finds herself a local outcast, unable to collect for her local church.
5. Beachcomber
A down on his luck obsessive, philosophies on his hobby of beach combing until he is confronted by a troubling event from his past.
6. Brief Lives
Producer(s) Galway Film Centre Director(s) Anna Downes Genre: Documentary
Logline: A poignant reminder of brief lives.
7. Positive Discrimination
A prostitute, a cop and an old man with three very contrasting paradigms in Dublin City show how initial perceptions can be deceptive.
8. Cage
Dating the prettiest girl in class seems like a long shot for a loner like Eoghan, but he has more than just romance on his mind.
9. Ravenous
A young couple hiking through the woods find a lost camera with spine-chilling photos.
10. Céad Ghrá
First Loves are never straight forward.

Short Programme 2- Saturday 7th November 2.30pm
1. Robbie the Rabbit
A tragic childhood friendship between two boys leaves one of them obsessed with rabbits.
2. Wasted
A young man reflects on how drugs have changed his life
3. Let Those Blues In
A portrait of Paddy Smith, an Irish blues musician who used his love of music to conquer his demons.
4. The Hunt
A sexually frustrated carpenter seeks vengeance after a final warning to keep away from a small town brothel.
5. The Elephant is Contagious
A mischievous writer thwarts a shrewd love rival.
6. Solitaire
“Solitare” Takes a look at Pamela, a woman in her early 50s as she struggles with an unfulfilled life.
7. Static
Suspended in perpetual motion , the Sisyphean like characters that inhabit the memories of an Airport Terminal are relived.
8. The Drive
An unhappy mother struggles to connect to her infant daughter.
9. 12 Points
Jonas comes out as a homosexual and faces unexpected rejection from his father.

Short Programe 3-Saturday 7th November 4:30pm
1. Hang Up
The phone rings. We just hear William, taking the call, making a noose,walking the lines between life and death.
2. Code Of Conduct
3 students have to battle with more than just boredom when the detention is controlled by the enigmatic Mr Grey.
3. Testimony
In 1991, Cat O’Neill testifies in a domestic abuse court hearing. Case parties: Mum and Dad.
4. The Nymph
When you go hunt in the woods tonight, you’re in for a big surprise.
5. Cosplayer
A Cosplayer reflects on his creative process as he puts the finishing touches on his costume in the run up to a comic convention.
6. A short film about fear
A meditation on the nature of fear, cause and effect, as seen through the eyes of a child.
7. Pedestrian Crossing
A short inspired by the Noble Call of Panti Bliss.
8. The Hiding
A young man is faced with a decision that will change everything.
9. Woman of the House
Her model life is shaken by the discovery of her husbands wandering eye, but in her fairy-tale, there is only one woman.

Short Programe 4 – Saturday 7th November 7pm
1. Bodies
When surrounded by death.. how do you live?
2. Black Box
What’s in the box ?
3. Be My FriendA lonely young woman’s search for friendship leads her to the local wrestling school…
4. Loss
A young mother deal with every day life and coping with the loss of her son.
5. Irish by Design
Irish by design explores how design impacts on Irish society.
‚Äã6. Under the Stairs
Chloe moves into a beautiful Victorian house and hears strange noises coming from the room under the stairs.
‚Äã7. Swerve
A short crime comedy about a group of criminals competing for a mysterious bag.
8. The Break
Tim takes his sons Sean and Scott to live on the beach, and escape the financial hardship of the recession.

Short Programme 5 – Sunday 8th November- 2:30pm
1. Leave
A film about random events and their consequences; a film about how your life can change without warning.
2. Spacer
A young homeless man finds unlikely companionship in an unwanted dog while slumming it on the streets of Dublin.
3. Odd Bod
A work based on improvised examples.
4. Me Buddy, Muhammad
The friendship of two boys whose backgrounds are different, but their idea of friendship is the same.
5. Drift
An isolated farmer comes to terms with the death of his father.
6. @Home
Bringing the global community home
7. Dust
A young couples relationship is altered after an abortion.
8. Small Talk
Alex is about to take a taxi ride that will put his most precious friendship and deepest held principles to the test
9. Love is a Sting
A struggling children’s book writer gains an unexpected house guest in the form of an ageing, hyper-intelligent mosquito named Anabel.

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