Irish Film: Jared Harris joins The Clockmaker’s Dream as narrator

Good news for the Cashell Horgan directed short film The Clockmaker’s Dream, as noted British actor Jared Harris (Mad Men) has come onboard to narrate the short.

The 20 minute film previewed at Indie Cork film festival last month and had a cast and crew screening at the Richard Harris Film Festival in Limerick on October 24th. Jared is the son of Richard Harris and an active festival supporter.

[quote title=”Cashell Horgan – Director”]We are delighted to have such a great actor as the narrator of our short film. Jared was a real pleasure to work with, a humble actor with great wit and talent, which made the recording a lot of fun. It brought another dimension to the narration of The Clockmaker’s Dream and the whole feel of the film. It’s great that an actor of this calibre takes such an interest in Irish film and genuinely appreciates the short film form.[/quote]

The film took over little over 9 months to complete after it was awarded funding by Limerick City of Culture and Behind the Scenes, with filming taking place in Limerick over 8 days, with local talent and crew. The post production was extensive and intense, taking several months to combine the actors with the fantasy landscapes and animation. The films overall style is that of an animated film but reminiscent of a pop up story book and combines handmade masks, and 2D and 3D animation, with live action to create a novel fantasy world.

[quote title=”Cashell Horgan – Director”]I’m very happy with the end result. The cast and crew and whole production team did a amazing job. Considering some had never worked in film before, they were very resourceful. I really hope the scheme continues for the present, and future filmmakers and artists, and that more financial support is given to film in Limerick.[/quote]

The Clockmaker’s Dream will now begin its festival tour.


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