Shorts at the Fleadh – New Irish Shorts 9 – Animation

The 2015 Galway Film Fleadh , July 7th to 12th, includes 11 programmes featuring Irish short film, two of these are for local films, with the other 9 featuring films from throughout the island. In addition the festival will host a Short Film Slam on the closing day of the festival, where the first two minutes of each short film will be played and then the audience will vote on whether or not to watch the rest. In addition the Fleadh will feature the One Minute Film Festival, a film festival within a film festival that showcases the best in super-short filmmaking, where every moment counts.

We conclude our look at the short films of the Fleadh with New Irish Shorts 9, which screens at 12pm on Sunday July 12th. The programme is the animated strand, which celebrates the vibrant animation industry in Ireland today. This strand takes audiences from the caves of the Stone Age, to the complications of contemporary life.


The first film in the programme is The Story Will Be Revealed in the Movie, from director Craig Kane. The film sees a unicorn-horned octopus and a talking purple chair fight to save their hometown of Sunnyshine. The short is produced by Caoimhe Maguire.



The second comes from IADT and director Jessica Patterson. Titled Did You Hear About Her Dad? the film follows a man named Archie, who wants to spend more time with his daughter.


Film three is Collage, from director David Quin.The film is an often abstract attempt to depict tourtured love stories in Ireland in 2015. The film is produced by Fionn Boland.


The fourth film is another from IADT. Fur From Home is directed by Aidan Neeson, and is the story of a lost cat that is sought after by two bounty hunters…


Film five is also from IADT. The short is called Cavemans and is directed by Joe Carroll. The film sees  a stone-age hermit’s path collides with some other-worldy visitors.


Continuing the shorts from IADT the sixth film is Katie Lyons’ Subadult. This short sees two brothers find out that growing up must be learnt, not forced.


Film seven again comes from IADT. This time up it is Emily Lynch’s Sour Puss. The film is the story of a dad and a daughter who have a nice day out together in an attempt to relieve the dad‚Äôs work related stress.


The IADT animated shorts come around to¬†Suzanne Williams’ Terrain for film eight. The film is set in a sparse landscape, and sees a small creature becomes a force of its own.


Film nine is Snowfall from director/producer Conor Whelan. Snowfall is the story of an anxious young man who has a moving experience at a friend’s house party.


The tenth film is the intriguing titled PNxKNF, from director/producer Keith Kavanagh. The film is a haunting interview-esque short in which a boy recounts his damaged relationship with himself and his girlfriend.


Film eleven is Maurice Joyce’s Violet. Violet is the dark cautionary tale of a young girl who despises her reflection. On the night of the school ball, tired of the abuse, Violet‚Äôs reflection decides she‚Äôs not going to take it anymore. the film is produced by Nuria G Blanco and Mark Hodkinson.


The twelfth film is An Ode To Love. Written and directed by Matthew Darragh, An Ode To Love tells the story of a man on a desert island who falls in love with a stick… The film is produced by Suzie Belton and Danielle Considine of Brown Bag Films, and was made with the support of Filmbase and RTE.


The thirteenth animated short comes from RCA and director Stephen McNally. Meanwhile follows four people traversing a city, each lost in their own separate worlds, trapped in their memories, regrets and frustrations.


Film fourteen comes again from IADT. Darren Fox’s Endure sees a girl struggle with ‚Äúartist‚Äôs block‚Äù, diving into her subconscious to tackle with the blank page.


The fifteenth short is Harvest, by director/producer Simon Riley. After returning home after a hard days work, “No.13” inadvertently disturbs the local wildlife — ruining his day entirely.


The last of the IADT animated shorts is the sixteenth of the programme. Directed by Dee McDonnell the film is called Tiger and Wolf, and sees the titular pair find a magic crystal apple and fight over who gets to keep it, until they run into big, angry trouble.


The seventeenth and last short in this programme is Boy Bear and Robot, from director/producer Joe Loftus. The film sees a boy awaken in a cabin with an ominous warning scrawled on its wall “don’t go mountain”.

New Irish Shorts 9 screens in the Town Hall Theatre at 12pm on Sunday July 12th.

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