Shorts at the Fleadh – New Irish Shorts 2

The 2015 Galway Film Fleadh , July 7th to 12th, includes 11 programmes featuring Irish short film, two of these are for local films, with the other 9 featuring films from throughout the island. In addition the festival will host a Short Film Slam on the closing day of the festival, where the first two minutes of each short film will be played and then the audience will vote on whether or not to watch the rest. In addition the Fleadh will feature the One Minute Film Festival , a film festival within a film festival that showcases the best in super-short filmmaking, where every moment counts.

We continue our look at the short films of the Fleadh with New Irish Short 3, which screens at 10am on Thursday July 9th. The programme features five films which offer contrasting shorts looking at difficult choices.

Film one is Vultures, from writer/director Joe McStravick. The film follows Sean Dunn, a shy photography student, in his mid-twenties, who is struggling with his college work and his living expenses. Sean becomes inspired by a particular photograph and decides to enter a national photography competition. Sean takes to the city streets with his precious old film camera and a single roll of film. With only 24 frames on his roll of film, it means that every frame counts. How far will Sean go to get the shot that will win the competition and establish his career? The filmed is funded by Northern Ireland screen and produced by Larry Cowan¬†of Lamb Films. Seamus O’Hara (6Degrees) stars as Sean, with support from Peter Ballance (Omagh), Colin Carnegie (Shoot to Kill), Naseen Morgan (Red Light) and Jude Quinn (Mime).


The second short film in Irish Shorts 2 is Brian O’Brien and Susan Collins’ Lying Down. The film, which was a collaborative effort by students from the NUIGalway FilmSoc, was the winner of the Filmmaking Challenge at the 2014 OFFline Film Festival. A simple but very effective film, it centres on a young man called Will who has decided, for unknown reasons, to lay flat on his face in an alleyway. His dutiful companion must try to reason with him in order to help him find his feet.


Film 3 is Peter J. McCarthy’s Hunter’s Fall. The film, which is written by the director, Ben Conway, and Kevin McCarthy, focuses on a bully who is confronted over his behaviour, and his reaction to this. The film is produced by Ian de Bri, Richard Bolger, and Francois Farrugia for Good Dog Films, with director McCarthy also acting as editor. Cinematography comes from One Million Dubliners’ framer Cathal Watters. The film stars newcomer Ben Condren, Patrick Gibson (What Richard Did), Clara Harte (Calling), Ryan McParland (SLR, Skunky Dog) and Sam Lucas Smith (How to Say I Love You).


The fourth short of this programme is writer/director Colum Eastwood‚Äôs The Morrigan. An unsettling film it sees a young couple’s remote holiday cottage comes under attack from malevolent forces when they give refuge to a mysterious young girl. Backed by Northern Ireland Screen the film is produced by Benedict Turnbull and Iain Simpson for HAUS Pictures. The film is the second appearance in this programme for both Peter Ballance (Omagh) and Ryan McParland (SLR, Skunky Dog). It also features Sophie Harkness (X Moor), Frank McCusker (Hunger), Andy Moore (Breakfast on Pluto), and newcomer Sophia McKinney.


girona_imageThe last film of the programme is writer/director Paul B. McGuigan‚Äôs Girona. The film is the story of a lonely man who checks in to a boutique hotel in the centre of Belfast. For nearly three decades the man has sought sanctuary in the anonymity of the same suite, in the same hotel, on the same night of the year. Time after time the door to the room next door has remained locked…until tonight… Girona stars British actor John Hannah (Cutting Grass), alongside S√©ain√≠n Brennan (The Fall) and Frankie McCafferty (Philomena). Eamonn Devlin produces for Pilot Street Pictures.

New Irish Shorts 2 screens in the Town Hall Theatre at 10am on Thursday July 9th

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