Coming soon to screens, and premiering at Irish Screen America New York, is Narcan, a short film by award-winning writer/director Peter McNamara.

Narcan tells the story of Sean Ryan an Irish paramedic working the unsympathetic streets of New York City, every day he struggles to manage a fractured personal life, with his only son refusing to speak to him and the void between himself and his wife Sinead growing bigger with every passing day. The death and darkness of the job begins to creep inside Sean’s head clouding his judgement. It is during the course of one particular twelve hour shift that decisions with irrevocable consequences are made; Sean must call upon every ounce of his stringent resolve to try discover balance.

Narcan is inspired by writer/director McNamara’s time living and working in New York City. Born in Limerick, McNamara grew up in a working class household and began working construction at a young age having left school early. In 2013 after a life changing experience he decided to quit his job and return to third level education to study film-production. While working behind a bar he would hear a wealth of stories from migrant Irishmen but one set of stories in particular stood out from the rest, An Irish paramedic working the streets of New York who would regale him with stories of being on the job and everything gritty detail that it entailed. Fascinated by what he heard he began to write during quiet moments while working in the bar, the blueprint of the Narcan screenplay was ultimately born from these scribbles on the back of beermats and napkins. Over many years of writing screenplays and honing his craft/style Peter would develop these scribbles into an emotional roller-coaster of a screenplay.

The film has assembled a strong cast including Limerick actors, Malachy McCourt (Gods and Generals, The Field,Righteous Kill) and Peter Halpin (Angela’s Ashes, Breakfast on Pluto, Garage). The New York based talent is led by Shiek Mahmud Bey (Buffalo Soldier’s, Night Falls On Manhattan, Flawless) and Louis Martinez (Law & Order, Orange Is The New Black).

To make this film a reality, Narcan brought people over from Limerick to New York City. In total 6 individuals travelled to form the core cast and crew of the film, making this very much an Irish production.

Director Peter McNamara says of filming in New York:

Logistically in terms of permits, insurance and shooting on the city streets, that we knew this was going to be a hard undertaking but with everyone’s belief in this story we are willing to do whatever it takes to bring this film to the big screen

Narcan has recently finished the arduous post-production process which saw the film pass through the hands of award-winning editor Eamonn Cleary (King Arthur, PS I Love You, Neverland); re-recording mixer, sound designer, and music mixer Paul Rowland (Jack Taylor); and colour grader John Talbot (Volkswagen Joe, The Young Offenders) of Panic Post Production.

Narcan is starting its journey on the film festival circuit, kicking things off with the official premiere at the Irish Screen America Film Festival in New York from September 30th to October 2nd.

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