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#SchullShorts: Cork-made film Last Service to screen at Fastnet Film Festival

Bertie Brosnan’s new short art-documentary Last Service, funded by the Cork City Arts, will screen at this year’s Fastnet Film Festival. Last Service is a short documentary that follows a gravedigger on a typical day at work as he imparts a wonderfully beautiful and simple philosophy on life & death.

Stephen O’Connor who is also a part-time actor and had a cameo in The Young Offenders is the gravedigger in question. The project came about under strange circumstances: Bertie Brosnan, who produced and directed this documentary was auditioning for another project when Stephen walked in. Stephen wasn’t right for that particular role but when he opened up about his regular work as a gravedigger; Bertie became fascinated. Two polar opposite lives in one man: digging graves for a living and working on huge projects such as The Young Offenders but it wasn’t this thought that captured the imagination of Brosnan – it was his philosophy on life & death.

Brosnan (Con, Sineater, Jacob Wrestling With The Angel) produced, directed and edited Last Service. Brian O’ Connor (Con, Message) was DOP and Phillip Morozov (Sineater, Jacob Wrestling With The Angel, Con) was colourist. Sound Design was by Brian Lane (Date Night, Disappear, Receptive. Totally Receptive), with poster design by Ray Foley.

Brosnan, who received a film bursary last year for the production of two artistic short films, will see his film screened at this year’s Fastnet Film Festival as a part of the DC Program. It will screen four times, once each day in different venues around the town of Schull where the festival is taking place.

Screenings are as follows: May 24th 1 pm in The Odeon, May 25th 3 pm in The Metropole, May 26th 1 pm in The Odeon, May 27th 2 pm in The Royal.

Brosnan’s films have been selected for numerous international film festivals and market, including Cork Film Festival, Fastnet Film Festival, Kerry Film Festival, Hollywood North Film Festival, and manymore. His films have received a number of award nominations, including a win for Cinematography for his last short film, Sineater.

It was a wonderful experience meeting Stephen that day in the casting session; his energy was of calm and serenity. I was blown away by his life and I immediately knew that I wanted to produce a documentary in an attempt to capture this aura. I believe I have – if it is only for ten minutes.


Currently, Brosnan has another short film that is funded by Cork City Arts Council that will be released online with the backing of some local organisations who are tackling homelessness. He is also waiting to hear back from festivals about his feature film titled Con and is in the process of attaining distribution for the same film.

The teaser trailer can be viewed on Facebook. More information on the film and upcoming projects can also be found on Brosnan’s Facebook Page.

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