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Irish Australian Film Festival launches Irish Diaspora Short Film Competition

Now in its 6th year, the Irish Australian Film Festival gets bigger every year. They screen in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth; bring Irish Directors to Australia for the festival, and their opening night parties are the stuff of legend.

This year they have launched the world’s FIRST Short Film Competition devoted to IRISH DIASPORA everywhere. They encourage those with Irish heritage around the world to submit films covering all subjects. Especially stories expressing your ‘Irishness’, and how that informs your immigrant experience, through film.

The event comes from the realisation that the diasporic life is a unique embodied experience. The competition is an acknowledgement of the fact that the Irish diaspora share more with their fellow diasporic members in various countries around the globe than they do with their peers back in Ireland. The competition is a way to encourage the members of the Irish diaspora to articulate the experience of being Irish but also Australian/American/French etc.

My experience living in Britain and Australia showed me that I often empathised more with fellow migrants than I did with Irish people. I thus had stronger links with my friends from Cambodia and Indonesia, for example, than I did with my old friends in Ireland. The short film competition is a way to explore and affirm this unique experience of migration with other members of the Irish diaspora around the world.

Irish Australian Film Festival director, Dr Enda Murray

You don’t need an Irish Passport to be eligible. So, even if your Irish connection is way back in your family, as long as you consider yourself to be of Irish heritage you are eligible for this competition. You do however need to be a member of the Irish diaspora to enter and so a stipulation is that your home address must be OUTSIDE of Ireland. Irish based filmmakers are thus ineligible.

Please see the Terms and Conditions re short film requirements at

Closing Date: March 12 2020.

PLEASE NOTE: IAFF will screen Selected and Winning Short Films before each feature throughout the Festival, so film length limit is STRICTLY 10 minutes or less. They CANNOT consider any work which is over 10 minutes. 

Awards & Prizes

There will be two Awards: Best Locally-Produced (Australia) Short Film; and Best-Globally Produced Short Film. 

  • Winning and Selected Short Films will be announced and screened at a Gala Screening in the Palace Chauvel Cinema in Paddington, Sydney, May 17 2020. 
  • Winning and Selected Short Films will also be screened at the Palace Kino Cinema, Melbourne on May 20, 2020. 
  • Winning and Selected shorts will be published online at , and Irish FIlm Festival Australia Social Media Channels. 
  • Winning and Selection Laurels will be issued to successful filmmakers. 
  • Selected short films will be screened before each feature; including on Opening Nights.

For more info contact:

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