Inside I'm Racing

#IrishFilm: Inside I’m Racing to have Irish premiere at 62nd Cork Film Festival

Wildflower Pictures and director Aleksander Szeser’s short drama Inside I’m Racing is set to have its Irish premiere at the 62nd Cork Film Festival next week.

Fifteen-year-old Jamie is autistic. Isolated from the world, he devotes all his time to his special interest – race cars. His room is shrouded with posters, magazines, technical charts and he spends hours playing car racing video games. Jamie’s parents, Marie and Andy, struggle to keep up with the payments for Jamie’s therapy.  It’s made harder by Marie’s mother who sees no difference in Jamie with the treatment, and constantly says it’s no use.  Katie is a loving sister to Jamie, and she is playful to his many quirks, but all too often her cries for attention are in vain as their parents’ focus is entirely on Jamie.

Everyone loves Jamie though and wants him to be as happy as possible so they take him to a motorsport event where he can look at all the supercars and watch the races.  As the adults discuss about what to do with Jamie’s ongoing therapy, they lose sight of Jamie for a moment.  After a few anxious moments they see him… behind the wheel of a race car heading out onto the track. Fifteen-year-old Jamie not only loves race cars and knows everything about them.  He’s a driver.

Inside I'm Racing
Ethan Dodd in Inside I’m Racing

The film has already featured at a number of festivals in the U.S., including the 33rd Boston Film Festival, the Awareness Film Festival in L.A., and the 5th Boston International Film Festival. It was also selected to screen in Boston and L.A. as part of the IrelandWeek.

Inside I’m Racing stars Ethan Dodd in the lead, supported by Kelly Thornton, Patrick Rocks, Clodagh Downing, Maire Hastings, Mark Lambert, Adrian Hudson, Frank Blake, and Stephen ‘Jed’ Murray.

The film was shot in Kildare, at Mondello Park with DOP Tommy Fitzgerald, and is a self-financed, passion project, funded by Irish producer Aidan Whelan. It is supported in the US by Autism Speaks.

Inside I’m Racing will screen at the 62nd Cork Film Festival, Sunday 19th 12.30pm, at the GATE as part of the Family short film strand.

Inside I’m Racing has been well received in the US, screening at the 33rd Boston Film Festival, and proudly opening IrelandWeek in Los Angeles.  It’s amazing now being here in L.A. to hear the film will have its Irish premiere at the 62nd Cork Film Festival.  The Cork Film Festival is the oldest film festival in Ireland, and one of the oldest in the world, it’s mind-blowing, and frankly an honour to be now part of this prestigious festival’s history.  This is something our entire cast and crew worked hard for, and I’m really pleased for them.  After the festival run, the film will serve a great purpose.  Speaking in New York recently with the US organisation, Autism Speaks, I’m glad to say the film’s final destination will be their global library brining the audience into the millions.  I’m currently focused, and hopeful, I’ll be able to align this objective with Aer Lingus and their international flight programme.  I see this as a fitting conclusion.  This is an Irish film, shot entirely in Ireland, a film that does more than entertain.
Aidan Whelan, Producer

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