Galway Film Fleadh

Irish short film to shine at the 31st Galway Film Fleadh

Galway Film Fleadh has announced their 2019 programme which includes 65 Irish short films.

The 31st Galway Film Fleadh takes place from 9th-14th July in the Town Hall Theatre and Pálás cinema, Galway.

Tickets and further information for all films and events are now available at

Irish Talent: New Shorts 1, Documentary

Wed 10 July | Town Hall Theatre | 12:00

Through the interspecies gaze we observe one of the most ancient and highly honoured dog breeds: the Saluki. Guiding us in love, preparing us in death and transforming us in life.
Director: Dianne Lucille Campbell
Producer: Brian J. Falconer

Our Land
Seven young people reflect on what makes Ireland a remarkable place to live. Detailing Ireland’s reputation, culture, and future from the perspective of seven young inhabitants of the country.
Director: Eoin Harnett
Producers: Eoin Harnett, Huston School of Film & Digital Media

Recommend Rapper
Drawing inspiration from the likes of Tupac Shakur & NWA, Danny uploads his music videos only to take them down weeks later when they don’t skyrocket him to success.
Director: Caoimhin Coffey
Producer: Caoimhin Coffey

Farmer Michael (The Life and Times of a Social Media Pariah)
Farmer Michael is a Galway-based, divisive character getting millions of views online. But his creator, Stevo Timothy, has a past with far more twists and turns than anyone would expect.
Director: Gerard Walsh
Producer: Gerard Walsh

Squared Circle
A veteran troupe of wrestlers assemble a ring on a seaside promenade. A summer festival prepares for their exhibition of physical drama.
Director: Ian Meehan (debut)
Producers: Ian Meehan, Simon Rochford

Making Tom
An iconic statue was approved for the market square in Castleblaney of Big Tom McBride. From the initial commission to the unveiling, an emotional journey is taken in art and in life.
Directors: Táine King, Lorraine Higgins (debut)
Producers: Táine King, Lorraine Higgins (debut)

Pigeons of Discontent
In the otherwise tranquil Dublin neighbourhood of Stoneybatter, one local issue has divided neighbours: the pigeons.
Director: Paddy Cahill
Producer: Paddy Cahill

Irish Talent: New Shorts 2, Fiction

Thurs 11 July | Town Hall Theatre | 10:00

On the day of a regional Irish dancing Feis, an Irish couple struggle to cope with their child’s gender identity.
Director: Sarah-Jane Drummey
Producers: Eliam Kraiem, Sarah-Jane Drummey

Loving Alex

Director: Jamie Hooper
Producer: Paul D’Eath
Country: Ireland

Significant Loss (Winner of Offline ‘57 hour Challenge’)
A woman attending a weight loss class loses more than she wanted to.
Director: Kevin Glynn
Producer: Kevin Glynn

Set over the course of one night, a taxi driver returns to work after the death of his daughter, only to encounter the young boy who might be responsible.
Director: Allyn Quigley
Producer: Simon Doyle

Goose & Gander
A young couple find themselves growing apart in their new rural life, until a masked figure appears and things come to a head.
Director: Jamie Sykes
Producers: Tamryn Reinecke, Emma Foley

A young man throws himself off a lighthouse to end it all, but it’s only the beginning.
Director: David Magnier
Producers: David Magnier, Dave Minogue

A woman hunted, accused of witchcraft, who finds love in an unlikely ally. Can she escape with her life? Can she ever truly be free?
Director: Emer Conroy
Producers: Steven Daly, Andrew Burke

A Sense of Joy
A cantankerous musician endeavours to break a magical curse by passing on a sense of joy to others; something which doesn’t come naturally to him.
Director: Roisin Jones (debut)
Producer: Roisin Jones

Was That A Yes?
Date night disaster as Mark’s perfect evening with Jane leaves a lot of questions unanswered.
Director: Réamonn Mac Donnacha (debut)
Producer: Kevin Ó Flatharta

Irish Talent: New Shorts 3, Fiction

Thurs 11 July | Town Hall Theatre | 12:00

A woman’s eyes are opened to her coercive, controlling partner when an old friend is allowed to come to dinner.
Directors: Caroline Grace-Cassidy, Roisin Kearney
Producers: Caroline Grace-Cassidy, Roisin Kearney

Brendan’s mother Eilis reveals a dark secret on her deathbed, one to which Brendan must find the answer – what happened to her lost child?
Director: Matthew McGuigan (debut)
Producers: Leo McGuigan, Paul McGuigan

A man struggles to free himself from a mind packed full of indecipherable thoughts. He spends a night searching for judgement. A judgement he feels he deserves.
Director: Ger Duffy
Producer: Louise Byrne

A lonely driver takes drastic action to protect a customer from heartbreak. A single-take film about loneliness, intentions and infidelity.
Director: Michael-David McKernan (debut)
Producer: Mícheál Fleming

Starry Night
Cara must make a choice – abandon her sisters and pursue her dreams, or sacrifice herself so that one day they too might stand a chance?
Director: Emma Smith (debut)
Producers: Caoilinn Handley, IADT

The Blizzards – Behind the Music
The Blizzards are hoping to make a comeback this year, but… does anyone really care?
Director: Jeff Doyle
Producers: Alisa Kuzmina, Jeff Doyle

Irish Talent: New Shorts 4, Fiction

Fri 12 July | Town Hall Theatre | 10:00

La Petite Mort
When two people meet in a park, they have more in common than they think.
Director: Michael Smiley (debut)
Producer: Michael Smiley

I Bet
Fintan, a young gambling addict, fights his inner demons in, for him, the very bizarre surroundings of St. Marie’s Hope House, a general addiction rehab centre.
Director: Rashko Miljkovic
Producers: Eamon Hughes, Tara Farrell

A young mother and her son flee an abusive husband in the middle of the night only to find themselves trapped in their car in a field with a homicidal bull.
Director: Brian Folan
Producers: Hazel Cullen, Brian Deane

In Orbit
There was once an invisible optician, living in a strange and lonely world. Her story starts with a broken lens and the woman who taught her to see things differently.
Director: Katie McNeice (debut)
Producer: Katie McNeice

Set in 1978, Pat tells the story of a music lover from rural Ireland who keeps in touch with her son in New York through the only phone box in the village.
Director: Emma Wall (debut)
Producer: Jo Halpin

Len and Ruby are celebrating their ruby wedding anniversary. Len has a history of odd and outlandish gifts. Ruby hopes that this year will be different.
Director: Michael Creagh
Producers: Liam Creagh, Damon Quinn

Irish Talent: New Shorts 5, Fiction

Fri 12 July | Town Hall Theatre | 12:00

RIP to Rescue!
In a post-apocalyptic Irish midlands, an overconfident American jet pilot tries to rescue a beautiful young woman from her domineering mammy, but ‘round here, getting involved with family can be deadly.
Director: Paudie Baggott
Producer: Sarah Barr

John and Stephanie wake to the sound of someone outside. This stranger wants Stephanie dead. Why? We come to learn that Stephanie may be harbouring a monstrous secret.
Director: Fergal Costello
Producers: Claire Gormley, Geralyn Costello

A White Horse
When 17-year-old Bridget escapes from a psychiatric hospital, she rings home from a rural phone box… but her parents are waiting for the call.
Director: Shaun O Connor
Producer: Sinead Barry

Wishbone is an awkward, honest look at strained female friendships. Three young women break bread – and possibly each other – over a late supper at the Fleadh.
Director: Myrid Carten
Producers: Paul McGuigan, Leo McGuigan

The Ferry
Aoife searches for her birth mother and unveils a past that entangles two other women in town.
Director: Niall McKay
Producers: Marissa Aroy, Roisin Kearney, Clodagh Bowyer

Bernie fights stigma, shame, and her own demons while trying to hold her family together in the wake of her son’s drug-related death.
Directors: Barry O’Connor, Grace Dyas (debut)
Producers: Shane Hogan, Doireann Coady, Barry O’Connor, Grace Dyas

Irish Talent: New Shorts 6, Fiction

Sat 13 July | Town Hall Theatre | 10:00

Ciúnas (Silence)
A couple drive to the city to collect their teenage daughter from hospital. On the return journey everyone seems happy to avoid discussing her reason for being there.
Director: Tristan Heanue
Producer: Tristan Heanue

An everyday scenario: two people sitting together, in an ordinary place, completing their unremarkable, mundane tasks… but sometimes life is not so ordinary.
Director: Garry Cooper (debut)
Producer: Simone Kirby

Over the course of a fraught evening Cynthia navigates her once familiar circle of friends and comes to realise that some bridges can’t be mended.
Director: Jack Hickey (debut)
Producer: Lara Hickey

The Bridge
Cormac is consumed by historical demons, living with the aftermath of a childhood accident. Could he have done something to prevent the tragic event?
Director: Mark Smyth
Producer: Lynn Larkin

Pale Saint
Summer, 1991. 17-year-old Kat escapes from her family for a night of freedom and fun with the local teenagers but struggles to stave off a pressing responsibility.
Director: Rhys Jones
Producers: Alexander Polunin, Anders Berg, Ann Philomena Dowling

Girl Alone
A girl with a dark past finds herself alone and on the run. Sometimes moving forward is harder than it seems.
Director: Keith Farrel
Producer: David Arrowsmith

Father Father
Father James must decide what kind of a father God wants him to be.
Director: Michael McDowell
Producers: Tim McGarry, Damon Quinn

New Shorts 8, Documentary

Sun 14 July | Town Hall Theatre | 10:00

A Woman of Aran
Bird O’Griofa, a native of Inisheer, reflects on life in pre-modern times.
Director: Tommy O’Donoghue
Producers: Tommy O’Donoghue, Sean Leonard

In a small corner of the UK, a battle is being waged. A battle for love. A battle to be EQUAL.
Director: Gillian Callan
Producer: Gillian Callan

Billy Willy
Exploring residue, trauma and memory through the eyes of two best friends and their shared identities. Billy and Willy guide us through their world of Jazz.
Directors: Sean Mullan, Michael Barwise
Producers: Sean Mullan, Michael Barwise

Bog Graffiti
If you think climate change is a joke, you are the joke.
Director: Bob Quinn
Producer: Bob Quinn

Things I didn’t say but wish I did.
Director: Emily McGee
Producer: Emily McGee

The Sunny Side Up
Peter Pringle and Sunny Jacobs both served years in prison for crimes they didn’t commit. After being exonerated, what are the chances they both met and fell in love?
Director: Peter Kilmartin
Producer: Cian O’Connor

Postcard from a Crisis
As the refugee crisis quietly continues, four Irish clowns travel to Greece to perform for children living and waiting in temporary shelters.
Directors: Kathleen Harris, Samuel Meyler
Producers: Colm O’Grady, Samuel Meyler, Kathleen Harris

In an encounter between innocence and assumed evil we witness the daily struggles of an imprisoned 21-year-old.
Director: Ross McClean
Producers: Noe Mendelle, Flore Cosquer, Christine Morrow, Chris Kelly

Irish Talent: New Shorts 9, Animation

Sun 14 July | Town Hall Theatre | 12:00

Archie’s Bat
A lonely young boy builds a unique bond with an unsuspecting creature and learns that sometimes it’s better to let go and move on.
Director: Shannon Egan (debut)
Producers: Shannon Egan, Limerick Institute of Technology

A Quack Too Far
A fox must deal with a very noisy duck before he can get his precious sleep.
Director: Melissa Culhane (debut)
Producers: Melissa Culhane, Coláiste Dhúlaigh College of Further Education

CTRL + Alt + T
20,000 words and four years of hard work deleted, in one clumsy click. How would you react?
Director: Holly Keating (debut)
Producers: Miriam Van Gelderen, Ballyfermot College of Further Education

A puppet grows tormented at the hands of her manipulator.
Director: Rachel Fitzgerald (debut)
Producer: IADT

Wear & Tear
A girl wakes up to discover that a creature from her nightmares has materialised into reality. Will she decide to run, or will she face this demon head on?
Director: Rory Kerr
Producer: Rory Kerr

Streets of Fury
Violent Max Punchface gets trapped in an alien land with only some friendly sheep for company/punch practice.
Director: Aidan McAteer
Producer: Aidan McAteer

A father and daughter struggle to cope with the death of a central family member. They choose to express their grief in opposite ways.
Director: Kayleigh Gibbons (debut)
Producer: Richard Gordon

Legend Has It
In a perfect Celtic society, a young girl finds herself face-to-face with a dark family secret.
Director: Ciara Johnson
Producer: Ballyfermot College of Further Education

A son, banished from his village for refusing to worship a false idol, bears witness to the brewing conflict beyond that may likely destroy civilisation itself.
Director: Robin Lochmann
Producer: Mathias Schwerbrook

A girl who works in a late-night supermarket has a strange obsession. After a visit from a late-night customer she becomes paranoid.
Director: Cliona Noonan (debut)
Producer: IADT

The story of a child who was burnt as a witch!
Director: Ann Upton (debut)
Producer: IADT

The Bogman
A bog worker in the Irish midlands struggles to come to terms with the end of his era.
Director: Dylan Hennessy (debut)
Producers: Dylan Henness, Limerick School of Art & Design

Outside the Box
Who do we see when we look at people? By putting people in a box do we restrict our own true potential?
Director: Janet Grainger (debut)
Producers: Janet Grainger, Colaiste Dhulaigh in association with Wolverhampton University.

A mysterious quest goes horribly wrong. Dealing with the inevitable decay that envelopes the world in which we live, you cannot barter with forces beyond your control.
Director: Saoirse Kavanagh (debut)
Producer: IADT

The Dream Report
A deadpan sci-fi, interweaving moments of familiar routine with esoteric messages from deep space.
Director: Jack O’Shea
Producer: Jack O’Shea

Far Isle
Through a series of enchanting encounters, Fern discovers how to see the world from a different perspective.
Director: Laura Robinson (debut)
Producer: Gavin Halpin

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