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#Festival: F.Festival to showcase a selection of Irish female-driven films on March 11th

Film will form an essential part of the upcoming F.Festival in Dublin, with two selections of Irish shorts being featured, as well as the Irish premiere of Jangala from The Worldwide Tribe. The festival takes place on March 11th across Dublin.

The film programme will showcase a selection of award-winning Irish short films, directed and/or written by women. Each short tells the story of strong women in different stages of life. Facing the challenges posed by loss, love, and life, these strong female characters reflect the struggles of women in modern Ireland.

Programme One (19.00-20.00)

Irish Premiere: Jangala (20.30 – 21.30)

Documentary on the Refugee Crisis in Calais. The World Wide Tribe will also hold a talk on this topic from 15.30-16.30

Programme Two (21.30 – 22.30)

  • Adrienne Dowling’s Fishwitch
  • Laura Hermanides’ Nymphet
  • Anna Kathrinp’s All The Best People are Mad
  • Megan K Fox’s Girl
  • Brigetter Heffeman’s Little Flower
  • Linda Bhreathnach & Justin Davey’s Adulting

F. 2017 will see more fresh talent take the stage with a few new special additions, of course. The day will take audiences through the some of Dublin’s finest venues exploring a variety of artistic & creative mediums. All the film events are FREE and in the Generator In Smithfield. For more see the Facebook Event Page.

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