Dingle IFF

Shorts at the Dingle International Film Festival, March 12-15

The Dingle International Film Festival has announced the short films that will show at the festival in the beautiful Kerry town this March.

The festival takes place from March 12th to 15th, with the first Irish Animation Awards taking place on Friday 13th March at the Dingle Skelligs Hotel in Dingle. This is Animation Irelands’ inaugural awards ceremony to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding creative talent we have within the Irish Animation, VFX and gaming industries. They aim to recognise and support animation students and acknowledge them with the “Best Student Film” and “Best International Student Film” categories.

Dingle has been home to the Dingle International Film Festival for 9 years and specifically Animation Dingle for the last 3 years and provides the perfect backdrop for the first Irish Animation Awards.

Tickets for all of the short programmes, as well as a host of Irish and international films and animation, can be purchased from the the Dingle Film Festival website.

GearrScannain has seen a¬† number of these short and feature films, with¬†In This Place, I’ve Been a Sweeper, An Cat, The Weather Report, Skunky Dog, and Our Unfenced Country being among our favourites of the last year.


Live action shorts

A Soldiers Voice
Director/Writer: Brendan McCallion
Producer: Brendan McCallion and Johnathan French
Cast: Johnathan French and Kieran French
8min 40sec/2014/Ireland/Colour/Digital
An Irishman, who has just returned from the trenches of the First World War, must adapt himself to a new way of life in Dublin. Facing an uncertain future, he must accept who he has become in the eyes of the Irish people. He left a hero, and returned a traitor.

Dreams of the Last Butterflies
Director/Writer: Zina Brown
Cast: Evgeniya Radilova, Melodee Morita, Candice Vincent
9mins 31sec/2014/USA/Colour/Digital
Dreams of the Last Butterflies is a live-action ‘dark faerie tale’ short film with an urgent environmental message. A tale about the loss of butterflies in our world, and why they are disappearing, as told by the last Butterfly Queens themselves.

The Struggle of Libations
Director/Writer/Producer: Erin Mullally
Cinematographer: Ronan Hand
Editor: Phil Jackson
Cast: David McGowan, Nadia Dibbs, Des Braiden, Christopher O’Byrne, Robert O’Leary
8min 4sec/2014/Ireland/Colour/Digital
A man undertakes a night-long odyssey across Dublin as he questions his only meaningful relationship – the one he maintains with his ever loyal post-work pint.

Thumb Wars
Director/Writer: Lisa Keogh
Producer: Rebecca Haynes
Director of Photography: Angus Mitchell
Cast: Katie Richardson, Cillian O’Sullivan
4min/2013/Northern Ireland/Colour/Digital
Down on the river bank a game of thumb wars plays out but the stakes feel higher than best of three.

Ticket To Somewhere
Director/Writer: Liam O’Mochain
Producers: Bernie Grummell and Liam O’Mochain
Director of Photography: Fionn Comerford
Editor: Ciara Brophy
Cast: Liam Carney, Norma Sheahan, Liam O’Mochain, Lynette Callaghan, Mary McEvoy, Brendan Conroy.
Ticket to Somewhere is a drama inspired by a true story and is set in Ireland. Eddie spends most days in the train station begging. Every day he has a different story. Which one is his?

The Abandoning
Director: Vanessa Gildea
Producer: Sé Merry Doyle
Cast: Pema Ní Mhaonlaí Agogue
The Abandoning is a film about the memory of a house, a place where the past and present are not separate.

Six Feet
Director: Shane Twomey
Producer: Mike O’Dowd
Cast: Jennifer Lipinksi, Joe Lyons, Laura Gallen, David Barnwall McGuire
Walking alone through a nocturnal city, a woman becomes prey to a deviant male

An Actor Prepares
Directors: Denis Halligan & Marty Stalker
Producers: Denis Halligan & Stuart Drennan
Writer: Denis Halligan
Cast: Denis Halligan, Naseen Morgan ,Shane McCaffrey
6min 44sec/2014/Northern Ireland/Colour/Digital
Meet Stan, he’s an actor. Follow him as he try’s to get an audition, get the girl, or at the very least – get taken seriously. A life on the stage is all Stan has ever wanted, but how much is he willing to sacrifice to achieve it? His early twenties have passed him by, and he is coming to the realization that perhaps it’s time to get a ‘Real Job’. Disheartened by seedy casting directors, judgmental parents and unsupportive friends, Stan’s passion for the performing arts is truly being tested. Painfully accurate, but uncompromisingly quirky – more of this story than you would believe, is based on real life.

In This Place
Director: Alec Moore
Producers: Tristan Heanue and Alec Moore
Writer: Tristan Heanue
Cast: Tristan Heanue, Rebekah Wainwright, Sean T. O’Meallaigh
19min 47sec/2014/Ireland/Colour/Digital
In This Place is a contemporary drama set in a small west of Ireland town. It follows Mark as he struggles to break out of his destructive lifestyle while everybody around him moves on with their lives.

An Cat
Director/Writer: Helen Flanagan
Producer: Trisha Flood
Director of Photography: Even Barry
Editor: David Byrne
Cast: Frank Kelly, Bryan Quinn, Melanie Clarke Pullen, Smudge the cat
12min 39sec/2013/Ireland/Colour/Digital
Synopsis: A bereaved man is harassed by his late wife’s beloved pet cat.

An Obvious Jump
Director/Producer: Micheal Fortune
2min 23sec/2014/Ireland/B+W-Colour/Digital
An Obvious Jump features the dancing of Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson from the 1934 film King for a Day, combined with the sounds of Irish dancer John Joyce which was recorded in Ireland in 2012. The short work attempts to highlight the links between Black American tap dancing and Irish Sean-nós dance in humorous yet informative manner. The film was produced using minimal editing, as the natural timing of the sean-nós dancing and music, lends itself and syncs almost seamlessly with the movements of Bojangles. An interesting aside to this short, is that Bojangles backwards shuffle as seen here, was the inspiration behind Michael Jackson’s now famous moonwalk dance movement.

I’ve Been A Sweeper
Director/Writer: Ciaran Dooley
Producer: Mike Holland
Photography: Eamonn Murphy
Editor: Micheal Roulstone
12min 15sec/2014/Ireland/Colour/Digital
I’ve Been a Sweeper tells the story of The Sweeper (Eamon Morrissey & David Rawle) as he carries out his job cleaning the floors of iconic pubs across Dublin during his final day of life. Aware of his fate, and peacefully resigned to it, he reflects on the interesting journey which brought him from an innocent child to man of the world. The film is a blend of narrative and visual storytelling, aiming to capture a snapshot of a life lived less-ordinary

Our Unfenced Country
Director/Writer: Niamh Heery
Producer: Eric Dolan
Cinematographer: Kevin Minogue
Cast: Roisin Murphy, Pascal Scott
An elderly railway engineer and a young female ex-con form an unlikely friendship while working on the narrow gauge railways that traverse the expansive, historic bogs of Ireland.

Skunky Dog
Director/Writer: James Fitzgerald
Producers: Paddy Slattery and James Fitzgerald
Cast: Ryan McParland, Lacy Moore, David McSavage, Peter Balance
‘Skunky Dog’ tells the tragic story of Flick, a nineteen year old alcoholic boy who spends his time drinking and dreaming of a better life. Rising star, Ryan McParland (Good Vibrations, 6Degrees) plays Flick, starring alongside Lacy Moore (Emmerdale Farm, Hollyoaks), who took on the role of a young widow who turns his world upside-down by showing him some much needed affection. A local mechanic, played by Peter Ballance (Game of Thrones, Laws of Attraction) sees potential in Flick and offers him the odd bit of work, when he can. This position becomes a challenge for Flick as Mick’s sexual orientation is a topic of debate amongst the local community.

The Return
Director/Producer/Writer: John Corcoran
Cast: Se√°n Treacy, Peter Molloy, Jill Sartini, Ronan Dempsey
A young boy, out on a personal mission, encounters a stranger who is alone and disorientated.
Although their encounter is brief, it will have bigger repercussions then either of them can imagine.

The Way Up
Writer/Director: Etienne Sievers
Producers: Cathal Lyons and Zephanie Cole
Cast: Simon Victor, Peter Nolan, Michala Meadows, Robert Myler, Thomas Hatherly
13min 43sec/2014/UK/Colour/Digital
After getting evicted from his apartment and being shunned by his ex-girlfriend, a troubled music journalist goes on a journey to find and interview a legendary jazz trumpet player called C. B. Knowing, who lives as a hermit in the mountains of Wales. When the journalist encounters the old man he finds something he did not know he was looking for, and his quest turns into a story of self-awareness and fulfilment.

The Weather Report
Director/Writer: Paul Murphy
Producer: Deirdre de Grae
Cast: Marie Ruane and Edward MacLiam
4min 55sec/2014/Ireland/Colour/Digital
A mysterious phone call which questions a routine weather report by Lighthouse Keeper Ted Sweeney leads his wife Maureen to question more than just the weather report.


Animated Shorts

An Ode to Love
Writer/Director: Matthew Darragh
Producers: Suzie Belton/Danielle Considine
Company: Brown Bag Films
Synopsis: A lonely man on a desert island explores the highs and lows of romantic love when a mysterious companion is washed ashore. Nothing will ever be the same. Or will it?

Somewhere Down the Line
Director: Julien Regnard
Producer: Johnathan Clarke
Company: Cartoon Saloon
Synopsis: A man’s life, loves and losses are shown through the exchanges he has with the passengers in his car.

Fresh Cut Grass
Writer/Director: Robert Cullen
Producers: Peter Lewis/AnneTweedy
Company: Boulder Media
Synopsis: A little dog visits the big city in search of his sister

Writer/Director: Aidan McAteer
Producer: Shannon George
Company: Kavaleer Productions
Synopsis: Deadly tells the story of Boney, a working stiff who doesn’t care about his dead-end job. That is until he has a run-in with a spirited old lady named Bridie. Academy Award winner, Brenda Fricker and rising Irish star Peter Coonan lend their voices to this bittersweet animated short about life, death and dancin’!

Tea with the Dead
Writer/Director: Gary Gill
Producer: Susan Broe
Company: Wiggleywoo
Synopsis: Frank is a gentle unassuming embalmer from Ballyconneely, a small town in Connemara. After Frank has washed, disinfected, removed and replaced fluids, applied cosmetics and dressed the deceased, he always makes two cups of tea. One for him and one for the dead.
The conversations Frank has with the deceased are recordings of interviews with real Irish people, telling their stories the only way Irish people can!

A Soldiers Rising!
Writer/Director: Mick Rochford
Producer: MickRock Productions
Company: MickRock Productions
Synopsis: Narrated by Joe Duffy (RTE) 1916, A Soldiers Rising tells the story of Thomas Murphy. Thomas is in charge at his base in Dublin Castle on the morning of the Rising. As a member of the British Army he believes Ireland will receive home rule after the great war. The story climaxes in a shoot out in the final scene where Tom shoots and kills his only son Oisin.

Director: Joel Simon
Writers: Joel Simon/Mick O’Hara/Ciaran Morrison
Producer: Vicky Bevis
Company: FlickerPix Animation Studios
8min/2012/Northern Ireland/Colour/Digital
Synopsis: Two disabled squeaky toys escape from the factory and find themselves lost and alone in urban world full of over-sized humans, moving speedily around them. It’s new, strange and a little daunting. But they explore, play and re-interpret everyday objects through their unique perspective. Shot using a unique mix of stop-motion animation and time-lapse photography on the streets of Belfast, MACROPOLIS is a modern-day fable with a striking visual appearance.

Writer/Director: Damien O’Connor
Producer: Edel Byrne
Company: Brown Bag Films
Synopsis: Twenty years in the life of a Russian orphan – Anya is a unique collaboration between Brown Bag Films and Irish charity To Russia With Love to help highlight the work they do with abandoned and orphaned children in Russia.

The Duel
Writers/Directors: Ben Harper/Sean Mullen/Alex Sherwood
Producers: Daniel Spencer/Gareth Lee
Company: Giant Animation
Synopsis: Two highbrow apprentice wizards decide to out do one another in this discworld duel inspired by and contributed to by Sir Terry Pratchett.

The Ledge End of Phil: From Accounting
Writer/Director: Paul O Muiris
Producer: Pearse Cullinane
Company: Cartoon Saloon
Synopsis: Stuck outside looking in, Phil’s forced to face the world he’s been ignoring. Now he must take a leap of faith or be trapped forever.


Documentary Shorts

Elgin Park
Directed/Produced By Danny Yourd
Cinematographer: John Pope
Editor: Mike LaHood
9min 15sec/2014/USA/Colour/Digital
Elgin Park is a lot of things: a 1950’s utopia, a fantastical world, and an optical illusion. Artist Michael Paul Smith’s imaginative town – composed entirely of miniatures – delighted audiences worldwide when his photo series went viral. For the first time, the documentary Elgin Park dives into the life of this charming, reclusive artist to reveal the dark inspiration behind his work.

Keeping Time – A Portrait of Stokes Clocks
Director: James O’ Sullivan
Producer: Declan Lynch
14min 50sec/2014/Ireland/Colour/Digital
Stokes Clocks of Cork has been owned and operated for three generations by members of the same family, whose love for the craft and the art of horology has passed down through the generations. The film examines the story of the family and their humble shop, responsible for some of the most iconic clocks in Ireland, including the famous Clery’s Clock in O’Connell Street, Dublin.

The Fight
Directed/Produced/Edited By: Keith Mannix
Beneath the frenzy of cockfighting in the Philippines is the curious relationship between the Filipino man, and his treasured idol whom he sends to battle

The Orchard Keepers
Directed/Produced By: Bryony Dunne
Written By: Bryony Dunne
Edited: Julien Schmid and Tamer Ashry
To a backdrop of political upheaval, an island of green life floats in an arid desert; two Bedouin embark on a daily quest to keep their orchard alive. The Orchard Keepers takes us on a journey into the rugged Sinai desert. Behind intricate stonewalls we meet Dr. Ahmad, the last surviving herbalist trained in the ancient ways of desert healing. But it is Amariya – the resilient and exuberant naturalist whose scars and charms dominate the tale. Her relationship to the land has transformed her life in unlikely ways. The Orchard Keepers pays homage to her hypnotic freedom.
For filmmaker Bryony Dunne, what began as a short photography trip to focus on the few remaining orchards, evolved into a personal breakthrough. After living for a year with the Gabaliya tribe, she gained unique insight into the stratified tribal structures & layers of myth that enshroud the mountain region.

Two Sugars: Intern Ireland
Director/Producer: Tess Motherway
Production Company: Abyss Films
10min 38sec/2014/Ireland/Colour/Digital
Two Sugars: Intern Ireland’ is a short documentary about interning in recessionary Ireland today. Jobbridge, or, The National Internship Scheme – a government training scheme aimed at retraining Ireland’s unemployed – is one of Ireland’s main responses to the unemployment crisis, but does it work? Are interns, and the Irish economy, benefitting from the scheme? Four interns tell their story….

Director: Tanya Doyle
Producer: Daniel Hegarty
Production Company: Marmalade Films
18min 28sec/2014/Ireland/Colour/Digital
In their sixties seven unlikely sages Kay, May, Nuala, Kathleen, Carol, Ann and Brigid have decided to learn how to swim. Taking themselves out of their comfort zone, they reveal what it is that drives them to keep striving for more, for survival, understanding, belonging and for purpose. Bobbing up and down in the water, they offer their observations on how they’ve changed over the years both physically and mentally. Two narrative strands work together within this film to elevate the world of a swimming pool and the banality of learning to swim to the beauty of a quotidian plenty. The juxtaposition of straight talking poolside anecdotes with visually arresting underwater imagery transforms casual observations on growing old into a profound exploration of wisdom and what it means to grow to change and to keep striving for more. The experiences and observations of each woman are fused together to reveal the commonality of what it is to be an ordinary woman moving through the phases of life. Learning to swim is often perceived as a small victory but for these women it is much more than that, it is freedom.


Irish Film Board Shorts

Bloody Good Headline
A Look at the lives and thoughts of five men who sell newspapers in Dublin’s rush hour traffic.
Areaman Productions

Ce√°d Ghr√°
Two best friends set off on a quest in pursuit of their first crush.
TW Films

Personal Development
Fintan’s already fragile relationship with his younger daughter is put to the test with the arrival of some unexpected news.
Hot Drop Films

Sophie at the Races
A child’s journey to reunite her parents leads Sophie to the realisation that ‘family’ comes in many guises.
Jumper productions

1982, Cork, Roy is 11, small and sure he’s going to get on his club’s starting team. Even if no one else is.

Seventh Son
Since ancient times the seventh son has been said to posses great magic. They are healers, in tune with nature, animals and all living things.
Zucca films


Student Shorts

Another Number
Director/Writer/Editor: Cian O’Connor
Producers: Cian O’Connor and Joe Hartnett
Director of Photography: Kelvin Murphy
Cast: Eanna Grogan, Br. Martin Brown, John Brennan, Br. Padraig Mcintyre
7min 10sec/2013/Ireland/B+W/Digital
A film about dreams and the symbolism behind them. A youth facing his final year exam and adulthood, seeks to find his purpose in life through dream.

Breaking Barriers
Director: Alan Cantrell
Producer: Colin Barrett
10min 25sec/2014/Ireland/Colour/Digital
With autism, the child is born perfect and as time progresses they begin to deteriorate. Enda Dodd left his lucrative job with a fortune 200 company when he learned that his boys were both severely disabled. He faced a battle against time and the glaring option mentioned by nurses was to institutionalize his sons as it was a losing battle, an inevitable outcome to a terrible situation. Enda rejected this ideology and started immersing himself with technology, trying to breakthrough to the seemingly unreachable intelligence of his sons. By way of matching visual concepts with text, a child using the software will progress to previously unknown levels of learning for children with learning disorders.
Breaking Barriers tells the story of hope and fulfilment in families who have suffered great hardship by no fault of their own. A calm, reflective documentary that will open your eyes to the inner brilliance and potential of children with Autism.

First or Last
Director: Eamonn Dunne
Producers: Mary Deely, Irene Hartigan, Robert Patterson
19min 10sec/2014/Ireland/Colour/Digital
What does it take to be a top-level athlete? Hard work, dedication, precision,…swag? Young Corkonian, Chris Mintern, combines them all over the Summer of 2014, as he competes in the iconic Lee Swim and the Little Bo Peep Triathlon in Kenmare, his first Olympic Distance triathlon.

Directors/Producers/Writers: James Fagan and Shane Davidson
Cast: Nathan McGreal
8min 56sec/2014/Ireland/Colour/Digital
An eerie post-apocalyptic look into isolation and the human psyche. Based in an isolated barren area, we focus on a young man (John) who lives off the land and preoccupies himself with target practice.

Memory Full
Director: Tommy O’Donoghue
Produced: Joanna Carley
A fleeting glimpse on the past through the eyes of a tech savvy gentleman. As the world and society progress at a frantic pace, maverick Michael Gorman divulges the challenges experienced in keeping up with the future

The Usual
Director: Ruth McNally
Producer: Galway Film Centre
Three Irish Farmers, having a drink in their local pub, get great amusement from a new stranger in town’s “unusual” behaviour at the bar…


Spanish Shorts

The Way Up directed by Etienne Sievers  UK
El Chofer
Director/Writer: Ruben Prieto
Producer: Faustino Barrios
Cast: Simon Ferrero, Olga Lozano, Elena S√°nchez
11min 20sec/2014/Spain/Colour/Digital
Spanish: César se prepara para afrontar el primer día en su nuevo trabajo.
English: César gets ready to take on his first day of work at his new job.

El Oscuro Viajero
Director/Producer/Writers: Antonio Castano Lopez and Juan Castano Lopez
Cast: Jordi Duran, Núria Molina, Carlos Martínez, Paco Maldonado, Montse Domènech, Sinéad Mc Daiid, Juan Navarro, Siona Domènech
9min 43sec/2013/Spain/Colour/Digital
Spanish: Tras sufrir un accidente, Daniel comienza a percibir de un modo diferente la realidad que le rodea.
English: After having gone through an accident, Daniel starts to perceive the reality around him in a different way.

La Rosa Del Desierto
Director: Emilio Alonso
Writers: Emilio Alonso and Ruyman Galvan
Producers: David Morgan and Nacho Herrera
Cast: Sara S√°lamo, Nasser Saleh, Christian Stamm
Narrator: Pepe Mediavilla
26min 30sec/2014/Spain/Colour/Digital
Spanish: La rosa del desierto es una historia de amor entre dos niños que viven en la zona ocupada del Sahara Occidental y que se ven obligados a separarse por la situación social que se vive en este territorio.
English: The desert rose is a love story between two children who live in the occupied area of the western Sahara until they’re separated because of the social situation of this region.

No Tiene Gracia
Director/Writer: Carlos Violade
Producers: Carlos Violade and Julio Vergne
Cast: Mercedes Bernal, Andrés Berlanga
14min 50sec/2013/Spain/Colour/Digital
Spanish: Manolo y Maria. Viven juntos y se quieren. A Manolo le encanta gastar bromas constantemente. María tiene mucha paciencia y sentido del humor. Pero Manolo no sabe que para gastar una broma, uno tiene que asumir todas las consecuencias.
English: Manolo and Maria. They are in love and live together. Manolo likes to play practical jokes. Maria has a lot of patience and good sense of humour. Manolo doesn’t know that to make a joke, one has to assume all the consequences.

Director/Writer: Fran Moreno
Producers: Fran Moreno/Rodrigo Lopez/Sayago Ayuso
Cast: Carlos Álvarez-Nóvoa
13min 33sec/2014/Spain/Colour/Digital
Spanish: Un anciano impedido en silla de ruedas se encuentra encerrado en su propia casa sin posibilidad de contactar con el exterior. Algo que intenta desesperadamente…
English: An old man in a wheelchair is locked in his own home with no possibility of contact with the outside. But he try by all means…

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