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#Festival: Dingle IFF to feature local films from local female filmmakers

Dingle International Film Festival (Dingle IFF) will present a special screening of locally produced Irish films at St James Church in Dingle. This event showcases historical and cultural traditions of the local community through the imagination of remarkable female directors.

Three short films will be screened at this event: Uisce Beatha, directed by Elaine Kennedy, Life is Short, directed by Colleen Grave Herlihy, and A Tragedy in Kerry, directed by Áine Ní Chíobháin. Uisce Beatha and Life is Short are the film debuts of their respective directors and were both nominated for the Dingle IFF Físín Awards.

Uisce Beatha explores the conflict between rural and urban ideals, as a woman living in London returns home to her parents in Dingle and re-experiences the traditional lifestyle which she has abandoned.

Life is Short features an American woman who travels to Kerry to scatter her grandmother’s ashes on the site of Kilmalkedar Church, before learning the truth of her grandmother’s immigration.

A Tragedy in Kerry is a documentary detailing the death of Thomas Ó Suilleabháin, a young Volunteer killed by the Free State Army during the Irish Civil War. It explores the fighting spirit of local communities and the role that Kerry people had in gaining Irish independence. This fascinating documentary has been screened at Siamsa Tíre Aspect 2016 Student Exhibition. The director, Áine Ní Chíobháin, is an active member of the Dingle community and provided invaluable support to the Dingle IFF in 2015.

The event will open with a showing of Do Mharagadh Déanta, directed by Brenda Ni Shuilleabhain, and first released in 2002. This compelling documentary provides oral accounts of the very recent custom of arranged marriages in Kerry and examines how it impacted the lives of all family members involved. Along with making this documentary, Brenda Ni Shuillebhain has published a book, Aneas, and has successfully tutored at the Físín Awards for Dingle IFF.

All these short films include stunning shots of Dingle peninsula and Dingle town and have received much praise from the international film community, with Uisce Beatha winning ‘Best Film’ at the Richard Harris International Film Festival.

More fantastic screenings selected include Making It, a feature film directed by Eamonn Norris, who is a regular director of the TG4 soap opera Ros na Rún and has worked on the popular CBS drama Blue Bloods. This comedy drama, about a man who draws dangerous attention from both sides of the law after entering a filmmaking competition, features an impressive Irish cast that includes Seamus Hughes (Ros na Rún), Dingle native Moya Farrelly (This is My Father), and Elaine Kennedy, director of Uisce Beatha.

The Making It screening also includes a local short film, Nein, directed by Malcolm Willis and shot on location in Tralee Town Park. It is a harrowing journey about two young drug addicts coping with their daily struggles.

For those intrigued by this event, be sure not to miss Rath, showing in St James Church. Directed by Mieke Vanmechelen, this documentary chronicles the life of Brendan O’Sullivan, an elderly resident of the town of Rath near Kenmare, Co. Kerry, who has a unique story to tell about his cultural upbringing.

And for a real treat which showcases the spectacular scenery of the Skellig’s coastline, The Uncharted Atlas of Inveragh by Shane O Neill is a beautiful documentary for anyone interested in the stunning landscape and cultural landmarks that attract so many Hollywood films to shoot in Ireland.

These screenings offer great insight into the local talent that helps make the Dingle IFF possible. With this event, filmgoers will have a unique opportunity to witness Kerry as it has never been seen before.

The Dingle International Film Festival will run March 23-26, 2017. Dingle is home to many filmmakers, features one of Ireland’s only independent cinemas, is a renowned film location (Star Wars, Ryan’s Daughter, Far and Away), and a major tourist destination making it the perfect home for our festival. Housed within this Gaeltacht area, Dingle IFF promotes the Irish language and is the only festival offering an award for Irish Script writing with its Físín event.

More information about other films and how to purchase tickets are available at http://www.dinglefilmfestival.com/.

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