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#Interview: Scannain talks Reach with Caroline Grace-Cassidy ahead of premiere at Galway Film Fleadh

World Premiering at the 29th Galway Film Fleadh is Reach, a short drama directed by John White and Caroline Grace-Cassidy, and written by Grace-Cassidy.

Reach stars IFTA-nominated Sarah Flood (Fair City) and Ronan P. Byrne, and tells the story of an ordinary day when an ordinary woman is undone by an extraordinary secret – but someone is watching when no one else is.

The film is produced by Kevin Cassidy for Park Pictures, which is co-owned by Caroline Grace-Cassidy and Kevin Cassidy. Reach will be Park Pictures fourth short film to premiere at Galway, and they have form at the festival with I Am Jesus winning the first ever Film Slam at Galway in 2016.

Scannain caught up with the writer/director and prolific author Grace-Cassidy to talk about the film:

Reach sees you handling the double duties of writer and director. Is there one you prefer over the other?

Writing is my main passion both as a novelist and screenwriter. I’m very comfortable when it’s just me and Ms Lap Top but  I find directing exhilarating. I love both processes. I directed Love At First Ligh , and Reach is my second time co-directing, after Even Droids have Friends. I’ve found  a trusting collaborator and co-director working with John White and it’s a very comfortable place for me to be with him behind the camera. Also with Kevin Cassidy producing I know we’re in safe hands.

How did you find the filmmaking process –what was the hardest thing about making the film?

Working with brilliant actors like Sarah & Ronan made this shoot a dream. It was a dark and tough subject matter – so we shot the lighter scenes on day 1 and 2 and all exteriors and the dark interior scenes last day of shoot. Hardest part … When you wrap! I find it’s when all the real work begins. John and I like to shoot a lot so John, Kevin Cassidy and myself all sit in the edit suite and piece the film together from a lot of choices.  We edit, grade and sound mix all in house so a lot of time is spent in that dark room!

How did you come to cast Sarah and Ronan?

Sarah Flood is someone we’ve worked with a lot (Princess Rehab, I Am Jesus, Love At First Light). She’s probably one of the most natural, talented actresses we’ve ever worked with.

Ronan P. Byrne is not so much a familiar face on screen but I’ve long admired his stage work and have wanted to put him in a short for  a long time. When I wrote this I only wrote with Ronan in mind. We are very lucky he said yes!

And how about your crew?

We are also lucky enough in Park Pictures to have  a full crew employed all in house – Myself, John White, Kevin Cassidy, Eric Clancy. We had additional camera by Alan Rodgers.

And what is Reach about?

It’s the story of a girl who is seemingly going about a normal day. She goes to work – comes home –  but someone’s watching – because one person’s normal is another person’s nightmare. I wanted to say something with this film that was important – without giving too much away I’m really proud of this message.

So where can we see this?

Next month at Galway when it World Premieres at the 29th Galway Film Fleadh!

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