Short Film submissions sought for 2015 Feminist Film Festival

The 2015 Feminist Film Festival is asking filmmakers to submit short films for consideration via the designated form on the Feminist Film Festival website.

All shorts must be 5-15 minutes in length and the deadline for submissions is 5pm on 25th September, 2015. Each feature on the programme will be preceded by a short. The festival wants to provide a platform for short films that encompass, express, illustrate or open discourse around feminist principles and women’s experiences.

These are purposefully broad criteria, with all kinds of shorts and subject matters welcome. There is a €5 submission fee. See the website for full Terms & Conditions.

Dublin’s own Feminist Film Festival is now in its second year and remains Ireland’s only independent, stand-alone ‘Feminist Film Festival’!* Building on the success of the 2014 programme, the aim of the festival is to help counteract the mis/under-representation of women in film by giving women who work in the film industry the exposure and credit they deserve. The festival also aims to foreground a diverse range of real and fictional women, those who offer a refreshing change from the kinds of stereotypical, one dimensional or minor female characters often represented on screen.

This film festival is a totally independent event and ALL profits from the festival will go to Sasane in Nepal, a non-profit charity organisation run by and for victims of sex trafficking. Sasane provide women with education, support and training. The Feminist Film Festival’s founder Karla Healion visited this charity in Nepal when travelling in Asia and was blown away by this group of amazing women, who not only survived horrific experiences of sex trafficking and violence but have now set up this organisation that trains, educates and supports other women who need help. The women of Sasane are positive, warm, strong, and smart people who so genuinely deserve our support. We hope to raise as much money as possible for these incredible women, particularly since Sasane must now also contend with the devastating impact of the April 2015 earthquake.

[quote title=”Karla Healion – Director”]We hope to help counteract the under-representation of women in film. This means we will support and promote films where women have played a vital role in a film‚Äôs making to help inspire others to get involved in filmmaking and production. We would also like to counteract the misrepresentation of women, as portrayed through stereotypical female characters. And, of course, to also bring the perspectives, stories and experiences of women, feminists and women-identified people** to a wider audience through film in an inclusive and friendly event‚Ķ
…the whole event is also, of course, a fund-raiser for a fantastic and inspiring charity called Sasane who do incredible work in Nepal with victims of sex trafficking and gender violence. By using something like this to raise money it means that we can celebrate women‚Äôs rights and female empowerment trans-nationally and remind ourselves that gender equality is still not quite a reality.[/quote]

For more information check our their website, Facebook, or Twitter.

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