Gallery Boys

16mm Irish short Gallery Boys to screen at Micro Festival in Madrid

Gallery Boys, a one-minute short film, directed by Dave Fox and produced by Laura Gaynor for NFS and Cocoon Films, will screen at the inaugural ‘Micro’ Festival in Madrid later this month. The Spanish festival solely accepts films that are two minutes and under.

Gallery Boys is inspired by the pretentiousness surrounding art, and by a bandwagoner generation who struggle to form an original opinion about things.

Dave Fox – Director

Gallery Boys was made with the assistance of the National Film School and shot on 16mm film by recent graduate Ronan Nissenbaum. Both Fox and Nissenbaum were very keen on shooting on film and finding a good workflow. 

We shot using Kodak Vision3 250D in an Arri SR2. To allow Dave to see picture, we used a Black Magic Micro on top of the camera as our digital reference which we recorded onto so that our editor Dara could put a rough cut together while we waited for the rushes to come back from Cinelab in London.

Ronan Nissenbaum – Director of Photography

In the interests of getting stuff ‘made’, we’ve opted to make a few very short projects while developing longer ones. I would really recommend doing a 1-3 page short as it means you can shoot it in a day and still make it to a high standard, even on a low budget.

Producer Laura Gaynor on the opportunities in making a ‘short-short’

The film stars Eoin Halpin, Mark Lawrence, Dunni Ó’Midheach, Tim Charles, Rob Earley, Aidan J Collins, and Pearse Kearney.

We have a few more projects on the back burner and our next goal is to get some funding so we can produce them.

Director Dave Fox on what’s next

Catch Gallery Boys at the Micro Festival in Madrid from January 24th–26th, 2020

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