Watch Dave Tynan’s award-winning Irish short Rockmount

One of the best shorts made on the island in the last few years has been released online for you to enjoy. Titled Rockmount, the film is a live action comedy drama set in Cork in 1982, written and directed by David Tynan.

It follows a child called Roy a diminutive eleven year old, as he tries to make it onto the starting eleven of his football team, Rockmount. He’s up against it; he’s younger and smaller than the other lads. Doesn’t matter. His best friend is his black Labrador and he’s serious about everything. When the balls aren’t there he scolds his coach, when his dinner is late he shouts at his mother and he looks demonic enough that when he stares at a baby in the supermarket, the infant bursts into tears. But Roy’s thinking about the pitch. This strange boy is going places.

Since its premiere at the 2014 Galway Film Fleadh, Rockmount has won six awards including this year‚Äôs IFTA for Best Irish Short Film. The short stars Craig Keane Harrington, Aidan O’Hare, Kevin McCormack, Caroline Murphy, and Fiona Condon. It was shot by JJ Rolfe and produced by Michael Donnelly V for MDV. Rockmount was produced through the Irish Film Board‚Äôs Signatures scheme.

[quote title=”Dave Tynan – Director”]We’ve had a brilliant time on the festival circuit in the past 18 months. I always thought this was a movie that was made for audiences as well as festivals, so it’s exciting to be putting the film up on YouTube. I think for both Irish people and football fans, it’ll be a good watch.[/quote]

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