Award-winning Irish short, Pernicio, is now available to watch online

Writer/director Dave Fox’s award-winning Irish short film, Pernicio, is now available to watch online following its successful national and international festival run.

The film is a dark comedy, in which a young man explores his attitude towards life and death when his suicide plans are interrupted.

The film stars Eoin O’Sullivan, Danielle Galligan, and Mark Lawrence. It is produced by Laura Gaynor at the National Film School at the Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dún Laoghaire. Pernicio features music by Darius McGann, cinematography by Alfie Hollingsworth, and editing by Conor Donoghue.

Pernicio won Best Drama at the Royal Television Society Student Awards, the Producers Award at the Emerging Directors Awards in Dublin, and also Best Student Film at the Richard Harris Film Festival and Underground Cinema Awards in Limerick and Dublin respectively. It was also part of the official selection at the Newport Beach Film Festival in California, the Kerry Film Festival, and the Cork Film Festival.

Laura Gaynor (Producer) and Alfie Hollingsworth (DOP) RTS UK & Ireland ‘Best Student Drama’ win
Laura Gaynor (Producer) and Alfie Hollingsworth (DOP) RTS UK & Ireland ‘Best Student Drama’ win

GearrScannain caught up with director Dave Fox to talk about the film.

GearrScannain: Why did you want to make the film?
Dave Fox: I wanted to take a fresh approach to the overused theme of suicide, whilst also painting a picture of a potential dystopian Ireland with some references toward capitalism and how far it will go. While we’ve made great progress in being mindful of those who are suffering, we still have a long way to go. It’s a sort of exaggerated view of where I think we could end up.

What was your favourite part of the process?
It’s hard to pinpoint one favorite part as the entire process was brilliant from start to finish. I really enjoyed seeing the film migrate from an idea to the page and then finally to the screen. Having such a strong vision for something and then realising it is extremely satisfying.
I also just loved shooting it, it’s my favourite thing in the world when you’re in full flow on set. We shot it over a week and the crew and cast were honestly incredible. We shot on Dollymount Strand for three days in blistering cold temperatures and not one person complained.I suppose being part of a team that worked so well as a group was l my favorite part. 

How has it been to see the reaction to the film? 
It’s always very nerve wracking watching it on the big screen the first couple of times.There’s quite a large amount of comedy in the film so you’re just praying that someone laughs. Each screening is different depending on the festival or the atmosphere in the theatre.There’s a couple of really Irish-orientated jokes that just didn’t really land in America but that’s part and parcel I suppose.We premiered at Newport Beach which was an amazing experience as a whole but we got amazing feedback from some industry folk and other filmmakers who I really admire so that was lovely.We’ve picked up a few gongs here and there too which I am always humbled by, but we’ve also missed out on a few festivals that we really wanted to screen at, which has been a great learning curve for us; that your film won’t/can’t fit every film festival. 

What do you hope to do next?
I just really want to keep making as many films as I can. I would love to venture into the land of Commercials in the near future as I think it would be a brilliant space to learn and develop as a writer/director.For the moment though we’re gonna apply to various funding schemes to get some new projects off the ground. I am actually in the process now of developing the world of Pernicio into something bigger, maybe a feature or a series, who knows, but that’s a long way down the road. 

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