#IrishShortFilm: The Limerick Film Trilogy to screen at the Limerick Film Festival on Friday April 15th

A cast and crew screening of the Limerick Film Trilogy will take place at the Limerick Film Festival on Friday 15th April at the LIT Millennium Theatre at 8pm.

The Limerick Film Trilogy consists of three short films that were made with the support of Limerick City of Culture in partnership with Behind the Scenes, with assistance from Screen Training Ireland. Day Off stars Dawn Bradfield (The Clinic) and Joe Mullins (Pilgrim Hill), with The Apparel featuring Andrew Bennett (Angela’s Ashes) and Aidan Crowe (Game of Thrones), while Date:Time features Mark Griffin and Erica Murphy.

This ambitious project was realised by Film Limerick Project Manager Ronan Cassidy and Limerick writer and director Gerard Stembridge. The idea behind the project was a way of providing training and experience for those seeking to break into the film industry. Three short films were produced using local filmmakers mentored by industry professionals. Gerard Stembridge selected three writers from Behind the Scenes and worked with these writers individually to make each script as good as it could be. He also took an overview, looking for connecting features and elements that would create links between the stories.

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The writers were given maximum freedom to tell whatever story they wanted to tell. The stories had to be contemporary and preferably unfold within a limited time period and Limerick City itself was to be evident as the backdrop. The use of locations in the city is therefore at the heart of each of the films. Even though the films are quite separate stories and work as stand-alone films, seen together they are subtlety linked.

Three teams were put together with everyone who took part gaining invaluable experience from top industry professionals. The teams consisted of three first time writers and three first time directors. In addition there were DOP’s, sound operators, set designers, wardrobe, make-up, hair etc., each team being mentored by designated industry professionals.

Gerard Stembridge worked with the directors on casting to secure the best available local talent for the individual films. He also oversaw the filming and mentored the directors on set and ensured that the important linking elements between the stories were taken care of, so that the final product would stand up as a single entity.

This highly anticipated screening is a free event and will demonstrate how this genuine community film project came together.

Full details on www.limerickfilmfestival.net or email Imerickfilmfestival@lit.ie

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