Available to watch right now is writer/director Richard Keaney’s short film Late Arrivals.

The film tells the story of an Iranian father and son who arrive at their new home in Dublin. However, they are unable to confront the reason behind their move which threatens to drive them apart.

Late Arrivals stars Tim Dillard, Soroush Salimi, and Lucie Azconaga, and is produced by Richard Keaney and Natasha Waugh for Fight Back Films. The film features music by Lucie Azconaga, with cinematography by David C. Lynch.

The film has played at 11 international and national film festivals to date Selections, winning Best Lighting at the Limerick Film Festival earlier this year. It is playing 7 times this week at the Fastnet Film Festival in Schull, Co. Cork. Keaney sees this as a fitting end to the festival tour and has now released the film online so all can enjoy it.

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