Hazardous Materials

Watch Brian O’Brien’s superb short film Hazardous Materials

Director Brian O’Brien has released his short film Hazardous Materials online.

Hazardous Materials is a story about anxiety, loneliness and friendship. Nora has trouble talking to anyone, and is scraping by day to day avoiding contact with people, while Rachel, a well meaning co-worker, wants to bring her out of her shell. When Rachel invites Nora to a house party – how will Nora react?  

The film is directed and edited by Brian O’Brien, from a script by Robin Oree. It stars Molly O’Mahoney as Nora and Carla Keeney as Rachel.
Hazardous Materials is produced by Brian O’Brien and Megan Leydon, with cinematography from Fintan Geraghty, music by Derek Dolan. In addition it features Day of The Child, a single from Irish band Le Galaxie. Post-production/colour is by John Talbot and sound design by Paul Rowland.

The film is very much a labour of love, with fundraising a mixture of crowdfunding and paid for out of O’Brien’s own pocket. O’Brien has written an excellent blog post detailing the struggle of making Hazardous Materials, which is required reading for any potential filmmakers out there.

Hazardous Materials has enjoyed a very successful festival life, getting an Honourary Mention for Best Short Independent Shorts Awards and a Spotlight Award at the Elevation Indie Film Awards. It has also been part of the Official Selection at Shorts on Tap, Lift Off Global Network, iffy Film Festival, Short and Sweet Film Festival, and Dumbo Film Festival.

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