Bordalo II: A Life of Waste
Bordalo II: A Life of Waste

Dublin’s landmark Red Squirrel installation to be destroyed

Dublin’s famous Red Squirrel will be forced into extinction next Tuesday, 6th August to make way for a new hotel. The installation was created in 2017 by Portuguese artist Bordalo II and curated by filmmakers Trevor Whelan, Rua Meegan and producer Glen Collins for the documentary Bordalo II : A Life of Waste which has been released to the public online and can be viewed at

Artur Bordalo’s (Bordalo II) ‘Trash animals’ series is spread over 24 countries. The aim of these sculptures, made entirely of trash, is to highlight the destruction a city’s waste causes to the environment and wildlife. Co-Directors Whelan & Meegan (GRIZZLY) filmed Bordalo II over a two year period and brought him to Dublin to create one of his powerful artworks.

The resulting short documentary Bordalo II : A Life of Waste, funded by Screen Ireland, went on to have a very successful festival run and picked up a number of awards. The filmmakers are releasing the film online today so that the important ecological message behind Bordalo II’s sculpture will continue to resonate long after it’s imminent removal.

We wanted to make this film to illustrate the character, motivations and creativity of Bordalo II and to highlight the environmental dangers of our wasteful society. Together with an amazing, dedicated team, we overcame many obstacles to make this documentary and to bring the artist to Dublin to create one of his iconic sculptures. We are very saddened by the news that Dublin’s ‘Red Squirrel’ will be removed to make way for yet another hotel. The artwork has had a great impact on the city and has received a lot of love from both locals and tourists. We are so happy to have captured this project on film and to finally be able to share it with everyone.

Trevor Whelan Co-Director / Co-Curator

Trevor Whelan & Rua Meegan (GRIZZLY) are award winning co-directors and cinematographers. Having worked together for over 10 years in the camera dept. on high end commercials and feature films they have learned their craft from some of the worlds best directors and cinematographers. They are creative and ambitious filmmakers that place a strong emphasis on powerful imagery and inspiring stories.

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