GearrScannain has been created to feature news and information on short Irish films. It is also hoped that we will be able to feature the actual films themselves here, and offer platform for people to view and enjoy the best in Irish independent and sponsored short film.

GearrScannain is a subsite of Scannain, which was founded in October 2009. Scannain was initially a blog with movie reviews, some news, but mostly rambling views on all things film. As the years have gone by the rambling has decreased and the size of the writing pool has increased from one to many, all of whom are voluntary contributors with a passion and love for film.

In our current guise we seek to promote international films to an Irish audience, but more crucially Irish film to an Irish and international audience. Scannain will always lend a hand to Irish filmmakers and is proud of our work with the Irish independent film scene.

Scannain is one of Ireland’s largest independent film websites. In order to maintain some modicum of integrity we do not accept or run advertising of any kind on the website. We believe that this no-ad policy is in the best interest of our readers, even if it bankrupts our founder!

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