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    Our short film ARETHA will be screened at the 11th Underground Cinema Short Film Awards on 30th January.

    Written and Directed by Dave Thomas, starring Orla Casey in the title role, costarring Conor Mullen, Denise McCormack, Daniel Codd, Hilda Fay and produced by Jason Forde. Original score by Dan O’Neill, with original songs written and performed by Charlotte, Frankie and Quincy McNamara. Funded by the FilmOffaly Bursary Award 2018.

    “Eighteen year old Aretha wants to work at a Café that are in desperate need of staff. However, her first obstacle is to convince the Manager, Jim Laurel, that she has abilities that he just can’t see. Can a young woman with Down syndrome prove him wrong?”

    ‘I am thrilled that my film has received Official Selection at this fantastic festival’, says Dave Thomas (writer/director). ‘The Underground Cinema champions independent short films providing an invaluable showcase for filmmakers, something that is crucial for the Irish film industry. We also get the opportunity to create awareness of the ability of people with disability. The film has been well received all over the world, as the story is very much a global one that resonates with festival judges and audiences from Ireland to Australia and America. We also have our Canadian premier in May in Nova Scotia.’
    The film has won many awards for the cast and crew.

    DETAILS: Here is your opportunity to see ARETHA as it screens as part of the 11th Underground Cinema Short Film Awards on
    Thursday 30th January at 7.30pm in the Royal Marine Hotel Dun Laoghaire. Tickets €6
    Details here: https://www.underground-cinema.com/january-screening-5

    This is Dave’s second film to be selected by the Underground Cinema Film Festival. In 2019 Dave’s documentary titled ‘1 BILLION’ went on to be a Nominee at the awards night. 1 BILLION has been screened all over the world winning awards for Best Short Documentary, Best Producer and Best Director for Dave. The film creates awareness of the ability of people with a disability as they tell their personal stories on screen which is intercut with black screens explaining the often injustices and barriers that exist for those with a disability.

    ‘I made this film in black and white to underline the differences in the bleak information you learn from the film which can be easily described as “black” and the “white” are the inspiring thought provoking personal stories from people that continue to live a full, active and very productive life against the odds. The film has just come to the end of its two year festival run and I am now developing this into a feature film that will deliver a global message’, says Dave.

    Dave is currently exploring funding opportunities to make ‘The Journey’ from his award winning screenplay. He is also hoping to make ‘Boys – On The Run’ his first Feature Film in 2020.

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